Saturday, May 14, 2011

Price Increase Victim Round 3

If you remember back to my post Another Price Increase Victim, I re-capped about the HUGE dairy increase that happened over the course of one weekend at Costco... and I also highlighted the 25% increase in pork chop and the 25% increase for ground beef at Fresh and Easy.

Today I present to you the latest victim... Chicken Breasts. If you look and scroll through this post and this post you will find that I documented how I was able to get boneless, skinless, never frozen chicken breasts for $1.99 lb as the every day price at Fresh and Easy. This week when I got my ad for this week, I saw this on the front page:
"Our boneless,skinless Chicken Breasts
are fresh, never frozen,and contains no
added salt. Great for a family dinner,
you can always count on enjoying them at
this low price."
Really? This low price? What about last week's low price of $1.99 lb... which was 25% cheaper?... and the government doesn't believe we are fighting inflation? Puh-lease. I just find it ironic that the week chicken goes on the grocery list, the price goes up...

But there is one little sliver of silver lining. Non Fat Milk at Costco dropped $.06   ...  It was originally $4.19 for 2 gallons back in March... then it shot up 13% to $4.75, and now it dropped almost 2% to $4.69 for 2 gallons, an 11.9% increase from when I started tracking in March. I think this week we will use a $10 off $50 coupon at the store.

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