Saturday, December 2, 2006

I can't add

I just added up the proposed budget for January... it equals 2,020... crudy bupkins... grrr... Now i have to redue it... and everything else.... ---->SAD!!!
But at least December is okay since i was assuming an 1800 take home amount... and i'm just glad i caught that before Jan rolls around.

Pretty much i need to cut $20 bucks...

----> i think i'm going to take it from the auto loan... i don't want to kill the fun category... and if i don't spend all the fun money, half of whatever is left goes back to the auto loan anyways... so its official...

Auto Loan: $1156.00 + Overtime + Recycle $$
Car Insurance: $144.00
Gas: $200.00
Cell Phone- Cingular $50.00
AOL- Dial up Internet $10.00
Groceries $150.00
Basic Necessities: $50.00
Offering: $50.00
Fun Money: $70.00
Short Term Savings: $90.00 (till i hit $1,000.00)
Long Term Savings (A.K.A Moving OUT) $30.00

=2,000... there

-----> blogger is having issues... i can't change my side bars... errors keep coming up

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