Monday, July 23, 2012

Our Vacation!

Sorry for the delay, but as we all know, the first full week back from vacation is filled with nothing other than good intentions as you spend most of the week playing "Catch up" all over the place. So I now present, Our Vacation.

All in all we stayed in our trip budget of $500 of less and because South County Boy got paid for those 2 half days of work onto a debit card (there wasn't enough time to set up direct deposit), we were able to creatively use the card to get the cash off it and apply that money towards our little trip budget, so when we came home, a lot of the money we had earmarked for vacation didn't really need to leave our account! Bueno for that!

Trip Cost: $425.24

Gasoline: $194.05
Toll Fees: $12.00
Souvenirs/keepsakes: $48.27
Campsite: $18.00
Cave tour: $16.00
Food/Going out with friends/family: $136.92

As always, gas and food take up a large portion of our budget, but I'm really proud that we stuck to our guns and spent under $500 for our weekly get-a-way!

Our trip started out with our usual pit-stop in Baker California... Not for gas, but for our traditional stop at Alien Fresh Jerky for Root beer & a picture next to the worlds largest thermometer.

Upon our arrival in Utah, we got some good time in with family in friends... I finally got to meet Baby Alice, spend time with my brother-in-law's kids (George and Allen), and hit some of our favorite Utah haunts like Iceberg, Kneaders, and Bridal Veil Falls. SCB and I spent our anniversary eating breakfast at Kneaders and then getting sandwiches from Win-Co and eating them down at Bridal Veil Falls (essentially re-enacting one of our earlier first dates!)

After leaving Utah, we went to the Great Basin National Park where we spent a few days camping, exploring, hiking, and doing a pretty nifty cave tour. My brother in law popped a tire somewhere along the trail, and it did rain one day while we were camping, but even with those small hic-ups, we had a really nice time. My Mother-in-law was able to take us around everywhere and tell us the history of the area and how her great greats founded not only both valleys surrounding Wheeler Peak, but how they helped change and form the different areas. We went to a few historic cemeteries where her family members are buried and just tried to absorb the setting and all the family stories.
Watching Deer intently from the hammock!

Baby Allen can walk now!!! He's a toddler!

Old farm house where my MIL's ancestors worked in...

George Exploring our our campsite...

Inside the Lehmann Caves which we tour'd

Finally achieved a state sign!

look, he's making a spoon
Setting up camp...
And another state sign...
Me on a hike...
Ancestor's grave marker...

My father in law "improving" the
walking stick
Its my goal to make all my family members like pandas...
I'm winning

Making fire in the rain...

Another trail head/overlook
Makes me wish he was a daddy...

The abandoned, person-less working gas station with only
4 pump stations...

The Nevada flood on the way home through Vegas...

Just cause Road art is really cool!


  1. Random question and way too personal, I know, but are you and SCB planning on having children? I was just thinking that with his difficulty finding a job, he would make a good SAH dad. But y'all are young, and I can definitely understand if y'all want to wait a bit on that one.

    1. Eh, nothings too too personal on the internet, lol.

      As for kids, we were planning on waiting a few years since we are both naturally hesitant on the kiddo subject in general and we want to make sure we won't drop the ball... I'm hesitant with my upbringing/background and SCB is hesitant because of his depression and our financial situation.

      We just don't know if were more suited to be the awesome Aunt and Uncle to his brother's kids or if our minds will change in a few years and we will want to have our own. But for right now, the finances aren't geared up for kids to be honest.

      We just can't afford to start a family right now and I think it would be irresponsible for us to try to. we need to free up some income or I would need to get a promotion at work and bring in some extra money so we could make sure retirement is taken care of (we have a monthly shortfall right now), and that medical could be paid and all the additional expenses that come with popping out a kid.