Tuesday, March 21, 2017

How to hack a cheap and comfortable sofa bed..

Our "new to us" couch needed a better pull out bed since our in-laws are coming to visit in April... and we wanted to try and make their stay a bit more suitable and keep them from having to pack an air mattress and sleeping pads across a couple states.

But sofa beds are normally really crappy to sleep on because they are soooo thin and normally have springs in them... but we love our memory foam mattress we bought off amazon... and it got us thinking...

So we googled and found out that Amazon sells a 5 inch version of our bed that comes to your door with free shipping for a grand total of $170.59... (including taxes and recycling fees)...

So we clicked order and believed ourselves heroes... We didn't bother measuring the current mattress in the couch because it said queen sleeper... and a queen is a queen, right..... wrong....

When it arrived, we popped open the box and laid it on the bed and gave it a few minutes to fluff since it comes in a very compact box. However, when we attempted to fold up the mattress, we realized something we didn't know before. Couch mattresses are shorter than the advertised "queen" bed folding couch.

Yup, we have about 6 inches too much on the mattress... Apparently if your couch bed says its a queen, its not really a queen length wise because they are factoring in part of the length of the couch as part of the queen mattress length.

BUT since its a memory foam mattress that came in a tiny squished box... we decided to see if it would close with the extra length ... after all, my husband is 6'5" as is most of his family... and that extra 6 inches would be nice to have... Worst case, we figured we'd just cut the mattress down to size since you can do that with a memory foam... but to our joy and surprise, it worked and folded up fine because it was able to swoosh in on itself.

So, with that, our living room couch is now a prime time snooze zone and as an added bonus, our couch now has more support, making it even more comfortable then when we first got it!!


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