Sunday, April 23, 2017


So in preparation for listing our condo on the market, we actually got a few quotes to have someone paint our place for us.

We figured it would be impossible with a toddler running around and that we wouldn't find the time to do it ourselves...

But then we got the quotes back. Between $2100 and $2400...

So this weekend we hit home depot and spent $150 on paint, supplies and some moving boxes. I laid out a week long plan to paint 1/2 the condo.... then get a storage unit, and finish up the second 1/2 half after we pack up and have more space to move things around. It's Sunday Night and the whole front house is done minus the trim and doors which i'll do this week at night after bedtime.

Since we are keeping the same color and only painting to cover patches and marks on the wall and to clean everything up, it wasn't a full paint job. There were a few walls I didn't need to re-do in the kitchen, but most we re-painted everything so the paint matched.

I even wall textured like a pro folks.

Despite the toddler and the long Saturday trip to home depot, little dude was a champ. I laid out painters tape on the walls and painted sections of the house he couldn't get to (its amazing what a movie and the patio can do to keep a toddler occupied) ... We didn't even need to barricade him from the kitchen or anything! With the moved furniture he was plenty occupied not to care about the wet walls.

Nap time was very productive....

We purged, trashed and started to pack up the place. It's starting to look pretty darn bare and we haven't had to get a storage unit yet. I'm like the queen of closet tetris.

It wasn't a perfect weekend and sometimes letting some messes happen kept little man happy while we worked!

Monday, April 17, 2017

Happy Easter Weekend!

 A busy bunny weekend, but Happy Easter everyone!

Mama Working away at Bunny Days!
My kid "stealing" a bike at the park...

The boys in their Sunday Best...

Could not get enough of the bunny... He just wanted to hug him
and high five him and love the bunny!

High Five

I'm two and i'm armed... and your taller than me... I can fix that!

Must get the egg... Paw Patrol is on a role!

Happy Easter!

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

I thought we already purged...

Yup... Were only 4 months into the new year and are currently under going a second huge full house purge...

Only this time, were boxing up what were keeping... because we are seriously considering moving.

Our open house hunting has been pretty eye opening and we are considering listing our condo in the next few weeks to see what kind of offer we can get. The few two bedrooms we really like are either just units in the wrong location but we like the floor plans, or just out of reach financially ... and until we get an idea of what we can get our home sold for, we won't really know if we can get a 2 bedroom place this year or not.

We found a great realtor after i fired one (thankfully pre-contract), and now we are doing our three phase plan.

Step 1 - Look at places we might want to buy so we know whats out there and what we can afford.

Step 2 - Purge and pack to prepare for a storage unit. This includes my in-laws coming to visit to pack up all our baby belongings.

Step 3 - Improve the condo by removing our personal belongings, hiring painters to re touch and give it a polished look... then bring in the cleaning company.

Friday, April 7, 2017

March 2017 Spending

We had a really fun March. We got our profit share check and our California tax return this month so our savings accounts are looking pretty good again, however little pup pup Roxy hasn't been feeling so good. We had to take her to the vet and put her on special kibble and a pill since she was throwing up a lot... were still not sure she's 100% better, but we can put her back on her normal kibble now and she's almost done with her pills so we get to watch and see if the yacking comes back. But at meal times, she has to go on the patio so she doesn't eat little dudes table droppings.

The warmer weather is starting to continue and we are feeling the spring summer itch to spend time outdoors. Little Dude discovered sand toys at his birthday party and oh man is it adorable. I'm glad our little complex has a sand playground, were going to get a ton of use out of it now... and his scooter. He loves his helmet and likes to just wear it around the house. It's cute folks... it really is.

Now that we have done most of our annual purchases, we should start to see a more accountable budget that doesn't pull from savings as much as we have the past couple months (well minus the computer upgrade hubs is planning).

We have also continued house hunting and have hit a few open houses in the area to decide where we will want to move to. We feel like we don't have to move, but can and now is a good time to look and see what's going on out there in the market so we can get a good idea if we want to buy or wait for something nicer to pop up.

March 2017

  • Giving: $1,244.00 (higher due to profit share)
  • Daycare: $900.00
  • Groceries: $319.10 (Including little dudes birthday)
  • Automobile
    • Gasoline: $217.58
    • Car Reg - Camry: $95.00
    • Maintenance - Camry: $141.37
  • Little Dude: $91.44
    • $7.39 Bubbles and bath boats (Easter basket)
    • $7.53 Book and etch-a-sketch (for car entertainment)
    • $13.46 Diapers
    • $17.18 Big boy cups
    • $45.88 Toddler bed conversion materials; Locks for our doors; Birthday party.
  • Eating Out / Date Nights: $108.06
    • $8.61 Netflix DVD
    • $99.45 fast food/quick dinners
  • Clothes: Hubs: $76.55
    • $138.80 pants, 2 pairs of shorts
    • $21.38 4 cheap Walmart pocket T's
    • -$83.63 The nice shoes didn't fit from last month.
  • Clothes: Me: $36.99
    • $20.44 Bunch of cheap sports bras
    • 16.55 Lularoe 
  • Internet: $62.99
  • Electricity:67.29
  • Cell Phone:85.59 (Minutes)
  • Housing 
    • $1,100 Mortgage
    • $350.00 HOA
  • Medical
    • Dr Visit (eli) $15
    • OTC: $40.91
  • Roxy
    • $433.39 Vet
  • Pocket Money $70.00
    • $35 each / Includes Netflix
  • Discretionary $213.01
    • $18.87 Lint Rollers and Grill Items
    • $106.08 Camping/Outdoor Materials (From profit share)
    • $75.39 (Para-cord, Buckle, soap, candle)
    • $5.52 Para-cord Needles
    • $7.15 USPS Return

2017 Spending:

  • Giving: $2,638.00
  • Daycare: $2,700.00
  • Groceries: $945.16
  • Gasoline: $673.07
  • Little Dude: 259.37
    • $20.48 Pants
    • $20.59 Food Pouches
    • $47.93 Diapers & wipes
    • $31.14 Toys (Used Mega Blocks / birthday toys were hiding)
    • $68.57 (Usborne Books; Numbers Match Game; Potty Hook; couple small busy toys)
    • $7.39 Bubbles and bath boats (Easter basket)
    • $7.53 Book and etch-a-sketch (for car entertainment)
    • $13.46 Diapers
    • $17.18 Big boy cups
    • $45.88 Toddler bed conversion materials; Locks for our doors; Birthday party.
  • Eating out / Date Nights: $314.27
    • $8.61 Netflix DVD
    • $32.06 was movies and snack-age
    • $40.00 Restaurant Dates
    • $226.79 Fast food
  • Clothes: (Hubs): $369.30
    • $7.56 A cheap hoodie from Walmart 
    • $97.00 2 nice pairs of pants from a place hubs wanted to try out 
    • $104.30 Good Shoes and Socks 
    • $138.80 pants, 2 pairs of shorts
    • $21.38 4 cheap Walmart pocket T's
    • -$83.63 The nice shoes didn't fit from last month.
  • Clothes: (Me): $177.74
    • $29.08 (Cheap boots)
    • $128.22 (Lularoe)
    • $20.44 (Cheap sports bras)
  • Gifts: $145.33
    • Toddler Birthday Party: $15
    • V-day
      • $80.83 - lularoe... (my new obsession)
      • $6.43 - Card for hubs.
      • $30.66 - knife and oil
    • $12.97 Baby Shower
  • Internet: $188.97
  • Electricity: $214.82
  • Cell phones: $137.46
    • Car mount: $13.78
    • Charge Cables: $17.74
    • Cases and screen covers: $21.35
    • Cell phone minutes: $84.59
  • Housing:
    • HOA: $1,050.00
    • Mortgage (including extra principal): $3,300.00
  • Medical: $226.45
    • Dr/Urgent Care visits: $60 (4 visits)
    • Over the counter: $85.35
    • Prescriptions: $29.30
    • Dentist: $50.00
  • Pocket Money: $210.00
  • Roxy
    • $433.39 Vet
  • Discretionary: $851.42
    • Kitchen/Cooking:
      • Tooth Picks: $1.48
      • Cookie Cutters: $0.82
      • Silicone Bake Ware: $6.44
      • Folding box, food containers, cups, hygiene items, hook hardware: $87.49
      • Lint Rollers and Grill Items $18.87
    • House:
      • Vacuum Storage Bags: $39.95
      • New Couch Mattress: $170.59
    • Fitness:
      • Medicine Ball: $8.63
    • Husband:
      • Legos: $14.88
      • Machete Sheath: $8.36
      • Return Ship Fee: $7.99
      • Hammock: $123.80
      • Hair Cut: $26.00
      • Camping/Outdoor Materials $106.08
      • Para-cord, Buckle, soap, candle $75.39
      • Para-cord Needles $5.52
    • Other:
      • Turbo Tax: $126.98
      • USPS Return $7.15
I also am a Thirty-One Independent Consultant... started in August of 2016, so below are the business expenses for the month. You can visit BassettBags if your interested in placing an order or you can message me through the site if your interested in booking a party.
  • Website: $44.85
  • Monthly Promotion Flyers:$7.00
  • February Game Discount: $5.00
  • Flash Sale Discount: $12.96
  • Business Supplies: $93.57 (Spring Catalog Switch; Hostess gifts and car decal)

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Happy Birthday Little Dude

And he's Two! 

We celebrated a few days early and had a fantastic day at the lake with his best buddy and my family. He's in love with sand toys and his new scooter and helmet! Super mellow and perfect outing with the fam!

Yup, i'm gonna eat these... with my backwards hat that
I totally put on myself cause i'm Two and this is how I roll...

Operation eat all non healthy things today... bring on the chips.... 

Friday, March 31, 2017

So this happened...

 Sorry we missed a post on Tuesday... But this happened this week.

Big Boy Bed....  Toddler Freedom...

and the miracle being that he actually slept! Had to put him back the first night... Night 2 he stayed but fell out twice and he slept on the floor because he fell out the third time and didn't bother to wake us...

By night 3 he was trained and we had secured a pool noodle better.


Tuesday, March 21, 2017

How to hack a cheap and comfortable sofa bed..

Our "new to us" couch needed a better pull out bed since our in-laws are coming to visit in April... and we wanted to try and make their stay a bit more suitable and keep them from having to pack an air mattress and sleeping pads across a couple states.

But sofa beds are normally really crappy to sleep on because they are soooo thin and normally have springs in them... but we love our memory foam mattress we bought off amazon... and it got us thinking...

So we googled and found out that Amazon sells a 5 inch version of our bed that comes to your door with free shipping for a grand total of $170.59... (including taxes and recycling fees)...

So we clicked order and believed ourselves heroes... We didn't bother measuring the current mattress in the couch because it said queen sleeper... and a queen is a queen, right..... wrong....

When it arrived, we popped open the box and laid it on the bed and gave it a few minutes to fluff since it comes in a very compact box. However, when we attempted to fold up the mattress, we realized something we didn't know before. Couch mattresses are shorter than the advertised "queen" bed folding couch.

Yup, we have about 6 inches too much on the mattress... Apparently if your couch bed says its a queen, its not really a queen length wise because they are factoring in part of the length of the couch as part of the queen mattress length.

BUT since its a memory foam mattress that came in a tiny squished box... we decided to see if it would close with the extra length ... after all, my husband is 6'5" as is most of his family... and that extra 6 inches would be nice to have... Worst case, we figured we'd just cut the mattress down to size since you can do that with a memory foam... but to our joy and surprise, it worked and folded up fine because it was able to swoosh in on itself.

So, with that, our living room couch is now a prime time snooze zone and as an added bonus, our couch now has more support, making it even more comfortable then when we first got it!!