Friday, November 28, 2014

Eli gets a wardrobe!

 We headed back to Ikea this month... again...

I feel like we need to start buying stock in Ikea... Its like almost every available weekend we have we are roaming through that store.

Since Eli has some clothes and baby items, we decided it was time to get the last piece of furniture we would need for his room...

A wardrobe.

South County Boy wasn't thrilled by another trip on a Saturday... but once we got everything home he set to work like a champ.
 I honestly think he reads Ikea instructions fluently now... After our living room... and bedroom cabinets... and now Eli's wardrobe I'm convinced there is nothing he can't build.

 Inside close up of some of his hand me downs :)

and the full shot. It fits under the celing fan clearance and still gives us a few inches before the crib for ventilation. We may put some shelves or cabinets in there later down the line, but for now Eli's room is done.

One thing I love about Ikea is how you can customize things. We decided to blow an extra $5 and get two baskets for the wardrobe because they will come in handy when his clothes are small for extra diapers, etc... but we can take them out later when his stuff gets longer and he needs the extra space.

Trip Total: $222.44

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

So this happened

While South County Boy was dreaming of tool organizers and Christmas presents, our last trip to Home Depot was more about necessity. 
So no, he didn't get his dream tool holder and yes, I had to pry him away from it before he could try to convince me otherwise. He will just need to continue to dream about tool chests and drawers until we get an actual house.

So why were we at Home Depot?

Because our Microwave decided to crap out on us. 

I had the sucker for 5 years and then it just stopped working. 

Okay, so we had a little bit of a warning. It started making a funny noise periodically and we just figured the turn table motor was slowly dying on us... but then a week or so later, it went completely out on us. I was trying to heat up some water in the microwave when the lights just went out and it decided it was done.

This was also in the middle of the night and a Saturday... A coveted weekend where my husband might have time to fix it... So we hoped into the car and drove down there. After prying him away from the tool section, we went to appliances and conveniently our same exact microwave was on sale. 

This would mean SCB wouldn't have to install the mounts or cut any new holes in the kitchen to make the vent fit...

$117.71 with tax later, and we were out the door.

 Took him maybe 20 minutes to remove the old one and install the new one. We figured out why the old one broke too. The guys who installed it didn't actually install the vent correctly... so some tree debris jammed its way in there and blew out the motor... which was why the old one died. SCB still needs to put the duct tape on it, but it works...

Talk about a last minute way to blow $100...

Because we replaced the microwave, we'll be doing food storage next month.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Car Insurance Due

It's that time again... We got our premium notices from State Farm to pony up for Car insurance.... the only problem is we're going to be short $102.16...

We forgot to mail in the mileage on SCB's car to get the discount we were getting... So, we didn't end up putting enough aside to cover the bill since we didn't factor in that discount that we forgot to renew. It would have been less overall since the bill is only $48.64 more than the last 6 month increment.. but I forgot to change the amount we were saving from $143 to $147 at the 6 month marker too and that compiled a bit...

Mine actually dropped a few dollars, so that was fun.

So how do we figure out how much to save each month? Just some basic Math. We figure out how much each of our policies costs for the year, and just divide by 12 to get our monthly amount.

Earthquake- $187 a year ($15.58 a month)
Homeowners- $297 a year ($24.75 a month)
"Stitch" - $702.14 a year ($58.52 a month)
"Sally" - $672.00 a year ($56.00 a month)

So we should be saving $155 a month towards insurance now

South County Boy: 2003 Ford Escort "Sally"
  • Liability Bodily Injury $100,000/$300,000
  • Property Damage $50,000
  • $500 Deductible for Comprehensive
  • $500 Deductible for Collision
  • Emergency Road Side assistance 
  • Uninsured Motor Vehicle Body Injury $30,000/$60,000
  • Uninsured Motor Vehicle Property Damage
TOTAL: $336.00 --> Increase of $58.84 from last year.
We get a multiple line deduction, a multi-car deduction, driving safety record, California good driver & loyalty discount.

South County Girl: 2004 Toyota Camry "Stitch"
  • Liability Bodily Injury $100,000/$300,000
  • Property Damage $50,000
  • 500 deductible Comprehensive
  • 500 deductible for Collision
  • Emergency Roadside Assistance
  • Uninsured Motor Vehicle Body Injury $30,000/$60,000
  • Uninsured Motor Vehicle Property Damage
TOTAL: $351.07 --Reduced $10.20
We get a multiple line, a Multi-car, Driving safety record, California good driver, and a loyalty discount.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

California Climate Credit

It's November and that means CHEAP electricity bill month! Apparently some law last year was passed where we get a credit on our utility bills twice a year.

From our statement:
You Received a California Climate Credit
California is fighting climate change and so can you! Your bill includes a Climate Credit from a state program to cut cardbon pollution while also reducing your energy costs. Find out more at 

So what does that mean for us? 

Our electricity bill is only $26.27 this month! We got a $40 credit... and we finally switch back to winter rates. Phew!

I was a bit tired of paying through the nose for electricity in the summer months since they only let you have 76 kWh at the tier one rate in the summer... but you get 346.0 kWh of tier one rates in the winter.

To give you an idea of what that means, we had 5 summer days on this months bill (Sept 26 - Oct 1)  and we had used our whole tier one allotment and had bumped into tier 2 rates for 2 kWh.

So yeah for *Winter* or as I like to call it, extended fall!