Friday, June 13, 2014

Parking Ticket...

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So, south county boy has to park on this back ally street for work every day...

Well, he was coming back from picking something up for work and most of the parking was gone. Another business parks some forklifts on the street sometimes, so South County Boy parked near one of them... and parked his car facing the same way the fork lifts were parked... which was facing the wrong way for the street...

Apparently people do it all the time...

but he got a nice lovely $51 parking ticket for parking his car the wrong way on the road...


Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Getting back on track

What a couple weeks we have had over here in our neck of the woods. I had to help run a huge Relay For Life event for my local city ($115,000 raised and rising!!!) but it took a lot of hours to get there and a lot of frustrations I'm still recovering from. Lets just say I probably worked 40 hours in 3 days it was nuts.... and I'm still working like crazy trying to absorb a lot of work from some other employees on leave...

Hubs and I are working on trying to get back into the groove of things and get back to basics with not only our spending but with my new schedule. I'm no longer working at early morning AM shifts at the moment while i'm covering for some other employees so we have been trying to figure out cooking and chores once more all over again as i'm now staying up later in the day and sleeping in more. It's amazing how much more I was able to fit into the day when I had the early morning shifts... but i'm slowly adjusting and doing a few things before work and then staying up later to get other items done in the evening hours.

I'm still working hard on my weight loss and I have a few days left for my work weight loss challenge and the first weigh in for my 6 month dietbet and i'm hopeful! I've lost over 10 lbs so far and strangers are telling how good i'm looking and I can't wait till Monday to see how everything is going since Monday will be the final weigh-in for my work challenge. I can't wait to see how many inches I've lost.

I also helped throw a bridal shower for my friend Amy (her wedding is this month-- so excited) so I've been getting my dress altered and doing all sorts of things with the wedding prep too so its been busy all around... but were still here!

Hoping to get back on track and back in the game on things. 

Friday, June 6, 2014

June Budget

After 2 months of basically having to cough up almost a grand in car repairs, you'll notice the new $100 monthly savings we have built into our budget for car repairs. I'm crossing that goal off as completed because we have already essentially saved and then spent $1600 this year on maintenance for our cars... and i'm sick of that goal... its haunted me for years so its just getting built into the budget at this point so I can just forget all about it.

The big focus is going to be my Roth this month because it was shorted last month in order to make our budget actually break even. June and July will be spread between catching this up, and saving a little extra for our vacation to see SCB's parents for a week. We can't get the roth fixed this month because my friends wedding is this month and I have to pay for my dress alterations, gifts, etc. So we are hoping to get at least half way there this month and then half way next month too.  

June Budget:
Mortgage: $771.99
Church Tithe: $580.00
Other Church offerings: $40.00
Groceries/Household Items: $300.00
Date Nights & Eating Out: $100.00
Pocket Money ($40 each): $80.00
Cell Phone Work Reimbursement: $60.00
HOA: $270.00
Utility Bills: $150.00 (Second cell, Electricity, Internet)
Gasoline: $250.00
Discretionary: $74.95

Christmas Savings: $50.00
Birthday/gifts Savings: $50.00
Vacation Savings: $100
Car Registration Savings: $25.00
Roth IRA: $275.00
Insurance Savings: $143.00
Prescriptions/Doctors Visits: $50.00
Roxy (Dog) Savings Account: $50.00
Car Emergency Fund: $100.00

Husband's Paychecks: Half for ROTH IRA CATCH UP, 1/2 for wedding and other monthly stuff that comes up.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

What we spent in May

We had hoped May was going to be a cut and dry month for us... but boy were we wrong! We spent money like no other and if it weren't for the fact that it was a 3 paycheck month for us, we would have gone into the red. With that being said, June for sure is going to be a savings month because it has to-- My Roth IRA got shorted $1200 since we had to spend that check instead of save it...

Our eating out was triple what it normally was because my work house got all junked up and we were too exhausted to cook or just didn't have the time to prep the healthy foods we purchased...

May  2014 Spending:
  • Church Tithe/ Giving: $828.00
  • Groceries: $358.11 (6.32 Household items)
  • Car
    • Gasoline: $343.70
    • Car Repairs: $715.57
    • Insurance: $638.43
  • Housing:
    • Mortgage: $771.80
    • Extra Principle: $0.19
    • HOA: $270.00
    • Bathroom fan: $47.35
  • Eating Out: $274.99
  • Date Nights: 
    • $5.50 (Beach parking)
    • $16.99 (Movie Tickets)
  • Gifts:
    • Other: $55.52
  • Fun Money: $80.00 (Always $40 a month per person)
  • Work Cell Phone: $60.00
  • Electricity: $17.04
  • Internet: $47.99
  • Cell phone: $39.88
  • Dog: $16.88
  • Clothes:
    • South County Girl: $56.91
    • South County Boy: $17.05
  • Medical: $109.69
    • Doctors Visits: $74.09
    • Prescriptions: $35.60
  • Other:
    • Water Barrel / Emergency Essentials: $97.83
    • Wii U Accessories: $15.57
    • Postage $7.62
    • Home Depot: Wood for storage closet: $119.51
    • Garden: $74.51
    • DietBet: $25.00
    • Bedroom Wardrobe: $487.76 (Includes Truck Rental)
    • Amazon - computer cables $16.62
    • Trashcan, 2 pillows, 2 steering wheel covers: $65.70
    • Allen wrenches: $11.26
    • New Bed Frame: $61.56
    • Computer Speakers: $59.38
    • Make up - $38.96
    • Treadmill $215.19
    • Other Random trips to Walmart: $296.39
What We Spent in 2014:
  • Church Tithe/ Giving: $3,608
  • Groceries: $1,514.04 + Household Items: $97.47
  • Automobiles
    • Gasoline: $1,212.35
    • Smog: $51.24
    • Registration: $104.00
    • Repairs: $1,633.65
    • Insurance: $638.43
  • Housing: $4,328.49
    • Mortgage: $3,859.19
    • Extra Principle: $13.76
    • HOA: $1,350
    • Small house repairs:
      • $6.44 (fixing under the sink piping)
      • $53.91 (New front door deadbolt)
      • $87.18 (Bathroom Faucet + Tp Holder)
      • $47.35 (Bathroom Fan)
  • Eating Out: $734.70
  • Date Night: 
    • $2.00 (Movies)
    • 5.50 (beach)
    • $16.99 (Movies)
  • Clothes:
    • SCG: $148.35
    • SCB: $87.18
  • Dog: $55.16
  • Fun Money: $400.00
  • Cell Phones: $381.23
  • Electricity: $259.27
  • Internet: $183.95
  • Gifts:
    • Wedding: $100.00
    • Other: $94.45
    • Birthdays: $576.75
  • Medical:
    • Prescriptions: $76.96
    • Dr. Visit: $309.20
    • Allergy Pills: $32.38
    • Cold Meds: $10.17
  • Furniture:
    • Bedroom Wardrobe: $487.76 (Includes Truck Rental)
    • New bed Frame: $61.56
  • $361.19 Vacation to Utah: 
    • Food: $124.66
    • Gas: 187.30
    • Other: $49.23
  • Other
    • $27.45 (Wedding Card, Walking Safety Light, 10 Storage Boxes)
    • $4.69 (2 car key copies)
    • $24.09 ($5 dry Vac, 7 house key copies)
    • $10.79 (MLP dog tag, running light)
    • $3.21 (Bug Spray)
    • $347.75 DYSON Pet Vacuum (Kohls)
    • $208.18 Disney Half Marathon
    • $208.18 Disney Half Marathon
    • $9.12 Laundry Basket
    • $27.98 (Running Arm Band, Computer Cable, Computer Microphone,Nose hair trimmer.)
    • $91.98 Turbo Tax/State and Fed File
    • $13.18 V-Day items.
    • 21.55 (Metal Skewers, Organizer bins, Shower cleaner)
    • $7.83 OTC Medications and Water bottle
    • $51.60 (Postage and Handcrank/solar radio)
    • $35.54 (Audio Book, Journal, card, etc)
    • $153.28 (15 & 30 Gallon Water Barrels + Solar Batteries / Food Storage)
    • $30.98 (Food Slicer)
    • $14.27 (Postage)
    • $24.82 (CPU Fan + Workout gloves)
    • $5.90 (Straws)
    • $17.16 (polarized sunglasses)
    • $55.00 Diet Bet
    • $138.51 New Running Shoes
    • $0.99 Game App
    • $34.78 Rental Car
    • $7.26 Cutting Boards
    • $8.00 Batteries
    • $15.57 Wii U Accessories
    • $119.51 Wood for storage closet
    • $74.51 Garden
    • $16.62 Computer Cables
    • $65.70 Trashcan, 2 pillows, 2 steering wheel covers
    • $11.26 Allen Wrenches
    • $56.38 Computer Speakers
    • $215.19 Treadmill
    • $38.96 Make-up
    • $296.39 Walmart

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Someones in my attic

Walked into the bathroom and saw my husband's head through a new hole in my ceiling...

Apparently hubby found his way into our attic...

and i'm FINALLY getting a new bathroom vent that works!!!

Only been about 5 years since I've owned my place... and the bathroom vent was just never conquered... until now.

Why now?

When they were doing inventory at his work, they discovered a bathroom vent that was a custom order for a client. They client returned it without a refund since he didn't end up want it and so his company was going to toss it out... but decided to just give it to South County Boy instead.

A $160 bathroom vent.

Unfortunately we won't be able to use the built in heater function because our power voltage isn't high enough, but well get to re-do the bathroom switches and we can add a timer for the vent so it automatically turns off after a certain time...

It even has a night light!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

I won my diet bet!

I wasn't sure how i'd feel about an online social diet experiment but I ended up loosing 7.2 lbs and lots of inches!!!

I lost 1/2 an inch from my chest... 1/2 an inch from each of my arms, 1.75 inches from my waist, 1 inch from my hips, 1.5 inches from each of my thighs, my calf's now match up and I lost 2% body fat!!!

I find out in a few days how much money I won (they give everyone 48 hours to do their final weigh in and get it verified), but what's really cool is that I'm only half way through with the fitness challenge that's running at work so I might be able to win one of the 3 prizes there... (They are doing 3 challenges, each one has $100 on the line) Most steps, % of body fat lost and % of weight lost. I won't win the steps because some of my co-workers are just huge movers, but i'm hoping I might have a shot at the weight loss one or the body fat one.

To keep me motivated, I decided to do another diet bet, but this one is designed for you to loose 10% over 6 months and keep it off instead of 4% in a month. If I do this and win I will need to get down to 140 lbs and since my ultimate goal is 135 lbs, I'm really hoping putting $25 on the line each month will give me some motivation to keep trucking along and not give up BECAUSE I HATE the idea of LOOSING money, so it seems like a good motivator for me.

If you want to join me on the 6-month Diet Bet transformer, you can click here.

I also decided since this months budget was way shot, to get a small folding treadmill off Amazon for $200 so I can walk in my house while watching a TV show to help get in my daily steps. It will hopefully be here in a week, but this way I won't have to pace back in forth around the condo while I try to get up to 10,000 steps before I get to crawl into bed for the night. Who knows, maybe i'll up my step total to 12k or something once it gets here.

I'm up to 10 miles distance for my half marathon in August, so i'm way ahead of schedule... SCB will be starting his training "any day now."

I'm also still loving my FitBit Zip, and it was really helping me keep on track and stay on pace with the first 4% Diet Bet I did. On a side note, South County Boy has finally admitted that he doesn't use or really need his Fit Bit One... So if anyone wants to buy his, feel free to live me a comment and we can touch base via email if you want to buy a slightly used one at a discount. He likes the $20 one that goes with the Wii fit better cause his Mii can get new outfits when it reaches certain distance goals.

Anywho, the 6 month challenge is based on loosing 3% the first month, hitting a cumulative 6% the second month, 8% cumulative the 3rd month, 9% cumulative the 4th month, 10% cumulative the 5th month, and then maintain the 10% during the 6th month. Its a $25 a month buy in and half the money from each of the rounds goes to the final to give people incentive to stay in it for the long haul.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Semi Annual Car Insurance Bills

It's that time again... Time to pay our Car Insurance bills that is.

Since we budget monthly to pay for all of our insurance bills, we already have the money set aside to cover the $638.43 that's do to cover both of our cars... and after this crazy money month, I'm glad we save a little each month because i'd be pulling my hair out trying to figure out where I was going to find the money!

So how do we figure out how much to save each month? Just some basic Math. We figure out how much each of our policies costs for the year, and just divide by 12 to get our monthly amount.

Earthquake- $187 a year ($15.58 a month)
Homeowners- $297 a year ($24.75 a month)
"Stitch" - $722.54 a year ($60.21 a month)
"Sally" - $554.32 a year ($46.19 a month)

So we should be saving $147 a month towards insurance. Next month we will increase it from our current $143 monthly savings. 

South County Boy: 2003 Ford Escort "Sally"
  • Liability Bodily Injury $100,000/$300,000
  • Property Damage $50,000
  • $500 Deductible for Comprehensive
  • $500 Deductible for Collision
  • Emergency Road Side assistance 
  • Uninsured Motor Vehicle Body Injury $30,000/$60,000
  • Uninsured Motor Vehicle Property Damage
TOTAL: $277.16 --> Increase of $1.16 from last year.
We get a multiple line deduction, a multi-car deduction, driving safety record, California good driver, loyalty discount, and a low annual mileage discount ... which apparently is equal to $838.24 in "discounts."

South County Girl: 2004 Toyota Camry "Stitch"
  • Liability Bodily Injury $100,000/$300,000
  • Property Damage $50,000
  • 500 deductible Comprehensive
  • 500 deductible for Collision
  • Emergency Roadside Assistance
  • Uninsured Motor Vehicle Body Injury $30,000/$60,000
  • Uninsured Motor Vehicle Property Damage
TOTAL: $361.27 --> Identical to last year
We get a multiple line, a Multi-car, Driving safety record, California good driver, and a loyalty discount... which apparently saves us $741.64