Thursday, May 25, 2017

out of escrow... and back in...

Yup. Both our buyer and our back up buyer bailed on us... thankfully one of the 5 other offers we had from our initial open house was still interested so we popped back into escrow today!

We almost lost the 2 bedroom we wanted to purchase because they didn't like that our current buyer is a VA loan... but we managed to stay the course.

Cross your fingers for a smooth process!

Thursday, May 18, 2017


Well I wouldn't have believed it, but after listing our condo on the market, we received 7 offers within 48 hours....

and now we are in escrow.

We have accepted an offer and I won't get into the details now until they are more concrete but they have indicated their offer will remain on the table until April 2018 -- ensuring us enough time to find our new home -- not just the 60 day escrow we were asking before they could pull their offer back if they found something else.

His wife originally viewed the condo during our open house and video'd him the property and made an offer that day. I had a good feeling about their application and when we went into a multiple offer situation, they increase their offer even more above asking price once they came back later that week so he could see it in person. That night they saw our son's pack and play in the walk in closet... and apparently they are expecting a new bundle of joy and loved our closet nursery, which made them decide to increase their offer even more. So we are in escrow.

I'm not going to post numbers until the deal is done in case things fall through, but we have an offer in on a 3 bedroom in our same complex... but they accepted an offer before we could write one, so we are in back-up status pending their 60 day escrow so we are still hunting since it is unlikely they will not follow through having already had the property inspected.  

Monday, May 8, 2017

Tid bits from the last couple weeks.

I paint like a pro... but I don't do ceilings... #short problem...

Kind of sad we only discovered this cart gem on our last trip to home depot... we suffered through the other ones. He got sad when we had to leave his car at the store...

Where there is a toddler, there's a way... he found enough space to crawl around the boxes to read his book on the couch... super adorable.

I paint just like mama.... but without paint :)

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

April 2017 Spending

Nothing fancy to report this month. We celebrated Hub's B-day and have been busy painting and packing that we haven't taken a ton of pictures.... but month end numbers are here!

April 2017

  • Giving: $880.00 
  • Daycare: $900.00
  • Groceries: $319.58 (Including more cpnvience foods since we are remodeling)
  • Automobile
    • Gasoline: $212.18
    • Tolls: $30
  • Little Dude: $156.27
    • $27.16 Diapers
    • $129.11 Clothes, shoes, socks 
  • Eating Out / Date Nights: $127.70
    • $8.61 Netflix DVD
    • $42.18 Birthday Dinner
    • $76.91 fast food/quick dinners
  • Clothes: Hubs: $52.77
    • He bought shorts and a pair of pants. With his return last month it only cost us
  • Clothes: Me: $36.82
  • Internet: $62.99
  • Electricity:$57.09
  • Housing 
    • $1,100 Mortgage
    • $350.00 HOA
  • Medical
    • Dr Visit (Hubs) $30
    • OTC: $82.48
  • Pocket Money $70.00
    • $35 each / Includes Netflix
  • Discretionary $416.21
    • $46.42 Home Depot (Shelf Hooks, pole)
    • $7.15 Return postage
    • $9.68 Costume Accessories
    • $11.60 Electrical to undo wiring in condo
    • $149.89 (Paint, moving supplies, wall texture, round 1)
    • $6.98 Power Cord
    • $25 Haircut
    • $33.60 Birthday Odds and Ends
    • $159.49 Home Depot (Paint, moving supplies, wall texture, round 2)

2017 Spending:

  • Giving: $3,518.00
  • Daycare: $3,600.00
  • Groceries: $945.16
  • Gasoline: $1,264.74
  • Little Dude: $415.64
    • $149.59 Clothes, Shoes, Socks, PJ's
    • $20.59 Food Pouches
    • $88.55 Diapers & wipes
    • $31.14 Toys (Used Mega Blocks / birthday toys were hiding)
    • $68.57 (Usborne Books; Numbers Match Game; Potty Hook; couple small busy toys)
    • $7.39 Bubbles and bath boats (Easter basket)
    • $7.53 Book and etch-a-sketch (for car entertainment)
    • $17.18 Big boy cups
    • $45.88 Toddler bed conversion materials; Locks for our doors; Birthday party.
  • Eating out / Date Nights: $441.97
    • $17.22 Netflix DVD
    • $32.06 was movies and snack-age
    • $82.18 Restaurant Dates
    • $303.70 Fast food
  • Clothes: (Hubs): $422.07
    • $7.56 A cheap hoodie from Walmart 
    • $97.00 2 nice pairs of pants from a place hubs wanted to try out 
    • $104.30 Good Shoes and Socks 
    • $138.80 pants, 2 pairs of shorts
    • $21.38 4 cheap Walmart pocket T's
    • -$83.63 The nice shoes didn't fit from last month.
    • $52.77 Pants and 2 pairs of shorts... no idea how it was only $52 but I kept seeing returns?
  • Clothes: (Me): $214.56
    • $29.08 (Cheap boots)
    • $165.04 (Lularoe)
    • $20.44 (Cheap sports bras)
  • Gifts: $270.18
    • Toddler Birthday Party: $15
    • V-day
      • $80.83 - lularoe... (my new obsession)
      • $6.43 - Card for hubs.
      • $30.66 - knife and oil
    • $12.97 Baby Shower
    • $90.99 Hubs and Mother's day for my mom
    • $33.60 Birthday odds and ends (hubs)
  • Internet: $251.96
  • Electricity: $271.91
  • Cell phones: $137.46
    • Car mount: $13.78
    • Charge Cables: $17.74
    • Cases and screen covers: $21.35
    • Cell phone minutes: $84.59
  • Housing:
    • HOA: $1,400.00
    • Mortgage (including extra principal): $4,400.00
  • Medical: $338.93
    • Dr/Urgent Care visits: $90 (6 visits)
    • Over the counter: $167.83
    • Prescriptions: $29.30
    • Dentist: $50.00
  • Pocket Money: $280.00
  • Roxy
    • $433.39 Vet
  • Discretionary: $1,267.63
    • Kitchen/Cooking:
      • Tooth Picks: $1.48
      • Cookie Cutters: $0.82
      • Silicone Bake Ware: $6.44
      • Folding box, food containers, cups, hygiene items, hook hardware: $87.49
      • Lint Rollers and Grill Items $18.87
    • House:
      • Vacuum Storage Bags: $39.95
      • New Couch Mattress: $170.59
      • Electrical to undo desk lights: $11.60
      • Home Depot (Paint, Wall texture, moving supplies) $355.80
    • Fitness:
      • Medicine Ball: $8.63
    • Husband:
      • Legos: $14.88
      • Machete Sheath: $8.36
      • Return Ship Fee: $7.99
      • Hammock: $123.80
      • Hair Cut: $51.00
      • Camping/Outdoor Materials $106.08
      • Para-cord, Buckle, soap, candle $75.39
      • Para-cord Needles $5.52
    • Other:
      • Turbo Tax: $126.98
      • USPS Return $14.30
      • Power Cord: $6.98
      • Costume Accessories: $9.68

Sunday, April 23, 2017


So in preparation for listing our condo on the market, we actually got a few quotes to have someone paint our place for us.

We figured it would be impossible with a toddler running around and that we wouldn't find the time to do it ourselves...

But then we got the quotes back. Between $2100 and $2400...

So this weekend we hit home depot and spent $150 on paint, supplies and some moving boxes. I laid out a week long plan to paint 1/2 the condo.... then get a storage unit, and finish up the second 1/2 half after we pack up and have more space to move things around. It's Sunday Night and the whole front house is done minus the trim and doors which i'll do this week at night after bedtime.

Since we are keeping the same color and only painting to cover patches and marks on the wall and to clean everything up, it wasn't a full paint job. There were a few walls I didn't need to re-do in the kitchen, but most we re-painted everything so the paint matched.

I even wall textured like a pro folks.

Despite the toddler and the long Saturday trip to home depot, little dude was a champ. I laid out painters tape on the walls and painted sections of the house he couldn't get to (its amazing what a movie and the patio can do to keep a toddler occupied) ... We didn't even need to barricade him from the kitchen or anything! With the moved furniture he was plenty occupied not to care about the wet walls.

Nap time was very productive....

We purged, trashed and started to pack up the place. It's starting to look pretty darn bare and we haven't had to get a storage unit yet. I'm like the queen of closet tetris.

It wasn't a perfect weekend and sometimes letting some messes happen kept little man happy while we worked!

Monday, April 17, 2017

Happy Easter Weekend!

 A busy bunny weekend, but Happy Easter everyone!

Mama Working away at Bunny Days!
My kid "stealing" a bike at the park...

The boys in their Sunday Best...

Could not get enough of the bunny... He just wanted to hug him
and high five him and love the bunny!

High Five

I'm two and i'm armed... and your taller than me... I can fix that!

Must get the egg... Paw Patrol is on a role!

Happy Easter!

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

I thought we already purged...

Yup... Were only 4 months into the new year and are currently under going a second huge full house purge...

Only this time, were boxing up what were keeping... because we are seriously considering moving.

Our open house hunting has been pretty eye opening and we are considering listing our condo in the next few weeks to see what kind of offer we can get. The few two bedrooms we really like are either just units in the wrong location but we like the floor plans, or just out of reach financially ... and until we get an idea of what we can get our home sold for, we won't really know if we can get a 2 bedroom place this year or not.

We found a great realtor after i fired one (thankfully pre-contract), and now we are doing our three phase plan.

Step 1 - Look at places we might want to buy so we know whats out there and what we can afford.

Step 2 - Purge and pack to prepare for a storage unit. This includes my in-laws coming to visit to pack up all our baby belongings.

Step 3 - Improve the condo by removing our personal belongings, hiring painters to re touch and give it a polished look... then bring in the cleaning company.