Friday, July 14, 2017

Housing Comps - 2 bedroom

Since we now live in our 2 bedroom condo, I did some digging in the area in an attempt to find a comparable rental unit to use for the second half of the year and moving forward.

If I stay in the city we live in now and try and get our same neighborhood, a pet friendly 2 bedroom is going to run us around $2,000 - $2,100 a month (even checking through craigslist)... and i'm not sure i'd pick on of those places to actually live in.

So, I checked in on my old apartment complex from pre 1 bedroom condo time.

Yes, it's in a different city... but within the same commute distance to our jobs. AND its in the city our day care is in, making a move there, pretty darn practical. It's where we would live if we weren't living here most likely since hubs likes to leave these decisions to me.

I can get a 2 bedroom there for $1905 ($400 deposit)  + $35 in pet rent ($400 deposit) making it the cheapest option -- and it would be closer to daycare... I can say in all honesty, we'd move to a city that wouldn't lengthen our commute, if it saved us on rent, and i'd rather be in an apartment, then rent from a land lord, especially with a kid in tow to make sure things got fixed on time.

So we have a comparable rental unit we will use for math! Plus it helps that I know about the area and what is and is not included in rent and that the security deposit is full refundable if you live there at least 2 years... plus we'd get a garage.

We will also assume our now 5 year old washer and dryer (that we hypothetically purchased at the beginning of in 2012) will continue to function, thus eliminating the need for the coin operated laundry rooms at the apartment complex. 

Costs Associated with Apartment for 6 months 2017
We don't include electric bills below since we'd have to pay for those at either place, but my HOA fee includes water, gas, and trash so those will be listed in the apartment costs.
Initial costs: 
  • Deposit: $400.00 
  • Pet Deposit: $400.00
Monthly: $2,061.00
  • Trash: $15 a month
  • Water: $60 a month
  • Gas: $35 a month
  • Rent: $1,905 a month
  • Renters Insurance: $11.00 a month
  • Pet Rent: $35 a month
6 Month Total with security deposits: $13,166.00

Costs Associated with New Condo for 6 months 2017

Monthly: $1,439.94
  • Mortgage: $763.86
  • HOA: $350.00
  • Property Taxes: $280
  • Homeowners Insurance:($33.33 a month) $400.00 Year
  • Earthquake Insurance: ($12.75 a month) $153.00 Year 
6 Month Total: $8,639.64 (includes Homeowners ins, even though we ran it through escrow this year). 

On a monthly basis, our condo is $621.06 cheaper each month then an apartment without factoring in the security deposits. The apartment would cost us $25,532 over the course of a year, the condo $17,279.28... giving us the wiggle room to spend $8,252.72 each year on improvements while STILL saving money, since this doesn't factor in the tax write offs or the equity we will gain in the property by paying off the mortgage.

A note to new readers:
If your wondering how our mortgage is so low, its because we put $164,000 down from the sale of our first condo. I bought a fixer upper 8 years ago as a bank owned foreclosure and lived in it and made it our home through marriage, pets and our toddler. If your new to the blog, you can read the full financials on that property (including all the purchase, remodel and sale history here in our re-cap post). Our decision to buy this new condo, is in part because of the smart decisions we made about our first condo.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Two Bedroom Condo Sale Specs

If your just catching along with our house buying and selling story, you'll want to check out the re-cap post on our 1 bedroom condo. 

Now, we pick up where that post left off and talk about our purchase. 

Our starting profit from the sale of our condo was $181,691.35. 

From there, we purchased a 2 bedroom condo in the same complex.

  • Down payment $164,000 (From the sale of our first place)
  • Inspection: $300
  • Admin/Origination charges: $899
  • Processing Fees: $495
  • Appraisal: $410
  • Flood Cert: $11
  • County taxes: $46.78
  • Endorsement Fee: $25
  • Recording Grant Deed: $9
  • Recording Trust Deed: $57
  • Notary Fee: $175
  • Messenger fee" $25
  • Archiving fee: $80
  • E-Document fee: $100
  • Escrow fee: $798
  • Lenders title insurance: $357
  • Sub escrow Fee: $37.50
  • Recording fees: $150
  • Home Owners Insurance: $400
  • Prepaid Interest $140.24
  • HOA Dues (June) $93.33
  • HOA Dues (July) $350
  • HOA Processing Fee: $50
  • Lender Credits +$6.40
  • Seller Credits +$1,200
Money spend to move into the new bedroom: $167,834.96.... 
Remaining Profit after both transactions: $13,856.40

Then we moved in and started the remodel... (yup, after the boxes were out of the u-haul, we ripped out our mater room closet the same day)... Here's what we have spent so far on the remodel.  
  • Washer/Dryer/Fridge - Delivery and Install: $2,037.61
  • Dryer Hoses: $17.26
  • Stove/Microwave - Delivery and Install: $982.82
  • Stove plug: $32.31
  • Reverse Osmosis System: $233.53
  • Stove Outlet Labor: $40.00
  • TV Mount for Living room: $135.00
  • USPS Change of Address: $1.00
  • Bathroom shower rod, curtain, hooks, tub fixtures: $234.47
Current Profit remaining: $10,142.40
We are only just beginning... and i'm sure we will go in the red before we hit the green again, just like the last place... but some things shouldn't wait to be fixed in this place, so we are quoting our and fixing things one at a time. 
  • Our current project is the bathroom... 
  • We are simultaneously getting window quotes approved by our HOA since that's a "we have to pay" someone to do it job and can't do it ourselves. (We have 2 quotes we are waiting to hear back from. Home Depot and an independent contractor from a trusted friend since the guy who did my windows last time isn't available). 
  • We are getting tons of quotes for jobs so we can see how our budget will stretch, including flooring, electrical, etc. We already priced out AC options and decided to table that for the end since the bottom unit is much cooler without the hot attic above us already. A few well placed fans and we are managing these 100 plus degree days. 
  • Heat on the other hand, that needs to be quoted for repairs still. 
  • Then, we are re-doing all the jenky electrical. We thought this would be a SCB DIY project, but the bottom floor means dry wall work (unlike our other unit where he could simply get in the attic and do the can lights and fans....) and he knows his limits. Plus we want to add and move outlets and knock out a wall... so, were paying someone and he's buying parts from work with his discount. We'll get it done in 2 days instead of a month plus and we won't worry about our toddler electrocuting himself... or us setting the place on fire (there was a reason our stove outlet was removed and replaced within a week of living here....)
So like I said, we'll hit the red sooner rather than later and we'll slowly crawl out of the hole from there. 

Friday, July 7, 2017

June Spending

We bought a new condo and sold our 1 bedroom last month and that decision basically encompassed everything we did that month.

 June 2017 Spending:
No mommy, no bedtime
my light saber... 
  • Giving: $785.00
  • Daycare: $1,350.00
  • Groceries: $360.85
  • Gasoline: $279.59
  • Auto Repairs: $147.53
    • The Es-court battery died... thankfully our friend offered to help jump it, and when it wouldn't start took hubs down to auto zone... they gave him a new battery and our friend fixed the connections on something -- maybe a light or a fuse that wouldn't go to the off mode--  so the battery wouldn't drain again, avoid a trip to the mechanic.
  • Eating Out/Entertainment: $324.36 
    • $71.44 was restaurants (we had 2 dates!)
    • $229.36 was fast food and take out (Includes feeding friends to help move/unpack)
    • $14.95 Audible
    • $8.61 Netflix DVD
  • Little Dude: $65.46
    • Water Table/ Toys: $37.80
    • Diapers/Wipes: $25.29
    • Food Pouch Snacks: $2.37
  • Clothes: (Little Dude)
    • 15.06 (summer pj's 2 pairs)
  • Gifts:
    • Father's Day: $91.56
    • Mother's Day: $147.53 (and my birthday... which we missed due to the move)
  • Doctors: 
    • $35.00 (Little Dude eye test -- he can see!)
  • Electricity: $74.73
  • Housing:
  • Lots of appliance hunting...
    • Technically no mortgage this month, as we have always been a month ahead (I pay in June for the bill due July 1) so we didn't have a bill to pay in July... and the rest of the fees ran through escrow for HOA, etc.
    • Moving/Remodel: $4,028.62
      • $155 storage Unit
      • 2,037.61 Washing Machine / Dryer / Fridge / Install and Delivery
      • 17.26 hoses for appliances
      • $233.53 Reverse Osmosis system for kitchen
      • $41.82 Electrical for the 1 bedroom
      • $38.87 Bathroom/Sink repair for 1 bedroom
      • $102.86 Uhaul
      • $16.07 home depot odds and ends
      • $607.11 New stove for 2 bedroom unit
      • $375.71 New microwave for 2 bedroom unit
      • $32.31 Stove Plug
      • $135 TV Mount
      • $1.00 USPS change of address
      • $234.47 Home Depot (Bathroom shower rod, curtain, hooks, new tub fixtures)
  • Discretionary: $34.67
    • $16.15 Box fan we ended up breaking :( reminder to always buy quality...
    • $18.22 Steam Sale Video Games (Hubs)

2017 Spending:

Just because your on the couch
doesn't mean your off limits
dad... I climb you!
  • Giving: $4,980.00
  • Daycare: $5,850.00
  • Groceries: $1,863.17
  • Gasoline: $1,473.58
  • Little Dude: $559.16
    • $164.65 Clothes, Shoes, Socks, PJ's
    • $26.12 Food Pouches
    • $131.18 Diapers & wipes
    • $31.14 Toys (Used Mega Blocks / birthday toys were hiding)
    • $68.57 (Usborne Books; Numbers Match Game; Potty Hook; couple small busy toys)
    • $7.39 Bubbles and bath boats (Easter basket)
    • $7.53 Book and etch-a-sketch (for car entertainment)
    • $17.18 Big boy cups
    • $45.88 Toddler bed conversion materials; Locks for our doors; Birthday party.
    • $21.72 Swim jacket, sun glasses, glow stick
    • $37.80 Water table and water gun
  • Eating out / Date Nights: $932.06
    • $34.44 Netflix DVD
    • $32.06 was movies and snack-age
    • $153.62 Restaurant Dates
    • $682.03 Fast food
    • $29.91 Audible
  • Clothes: (Hubs): $422.07
    • $7.56 A cheap hoodie from Walmart 
    • $97.00 2 nice pairs of pants from a place hubs wanted to try out 
    • $104.30 Good Shoes and Socks 
    • $138.80 pants, 2 pairs of shorts
    • $21.38 4 cheap Walmart pocket T's
    • -$83.63 The nice shoes didn't fit from last month.
    • $52.77 Pants and 2 pairs of shorts... no idea how it was only $52 but I kept seeing returns?
  • Clothes: (Me): $214.56
  • Yup, we took the toddler to REI so he could play in
    the floor model tents... (and so we could look at hammock
    stands)... but he thought it was so he could play.
    • $29.08 (Cheap boots)
    • $165.04 (Lularoe)
    • $20.44 (Cheap sports bras)
  • Gifts: $545.91
    • Toddler Birthday Party: $15
    • V-day
      • $80.83 - lularoe... (my new obsession)
      • $6.43 - Card for hubs.
      • $30.66 - knife and oil
    • $12.97 Baby Shower
    • $90.99 Hubs and Mother's day for my mom
    • $33.60 Birthday odds and ends (hubs)
    • $15.00 Game for Hubs
    • $30.51 Mother's day
    • $91.56 Father's Day/ Hubs Bday
    • $147.53 My bday / Mothers day
  • Internet: $314.95
  • Electricity: $74.73
  • Cell phones: $223.53
    • Car mount: $13.78
    • Charge Cables: $17.74
    • Cases and screen covers: $21.35
    • Cell phone minutes: $170.66
  • Housing:
    • HOA: $1,750.00
    • Mortgage (including extra principal): $5,186.98
    • Moving:
    • Hubs helped braid my hair... i'm
      trying really hard not to cut it so it
      grows out... he's been helping. 
      • Inspection: $300
      • Electrical to undo desk lights: $11.60
      • Home Depot (Paint, Wall texture, moving supplies) $355.80
      • Wall Texture: $300
      • Storage Unit: $170
      • HOA Doc Transfer Fees: $529
      • Cleaning: $145
      • Front door paint, boxes, ceiling paint: $66.22
      • $155 storage Unit
      • 2,037.61 Washing Machine / Dryer / Fridge / Install and Delivery
      • 17.26 hoses for appliances
      • $233.53 Reverse Osmosis system for kitchen
      • $41.82 Electrical for the 1 bedroom
      • $38.87 Bathroom/Sink repair for 1 bedroom
      • $102.86 Uhaul
      • $16.07 home depot odds and ends
      • $607.11 New stove for 2 bedroom unit
      • $375.71 New microwave for 2 bedroom unit
      • $32.31 Stove Plug
      • $135 TV Mount
      • $1.00 USPS change of address
      • $234.47 Home Depot (Bathroom shower rod, curtain, hooks, new tub fixtures)
  • Medical: $338.93
    • Dr/Urgent Care visits: $105 (7 visits)
    • Over the counter / Prescriptions: $221.51
    • Eye Test: $35.00
    • Dentist: $50.00
  • Pocket Money: $420.00
  • Roxy
    • $433.39 Vet
    • $20 Licence
    • $25.71 Kibble and treats
  • Discretionary: $1005.30
  • Jenky electrical surprises 
    • Kitchen/Cooking:
      • Tooth Picks: $1.48
      • Cookie Cutters: $0.82
      • Silicone Bake Ware: $6.44
      • Folding box, food containers, cups, hygiene items, hook hardware: $87.49
      • Lint Rollers and Grill Items $18.87
    • House:
      • Vacuum Storage Bags: $39.95
      • New Couch Mattress: $170.59
      • Pillow: $24.99
      • $16.15 Box fan we ended up breaking :( reminder to always buy quality...
    • Fitness:
      • Medicine Ball: $8.63
    • Husband:
      • Legos: $14.88
      • Machete Sheath: $8.36
      • Return Ship Fee: $7.99
      • Hammock: $123.80
      • Hair Cut: $51.00
      • Camping/Outdoor Materials $106.08
      • Para-cord, Buckle, soap, candle $75.39
      • Para-cord Needles $5.52
      • $18.22 Steam Sale Video Games (Hubs)
    • Other:
      • Turbo Tax: $126.98
      • USPS Return $14.30
      • Power Cord: $6.98
      • Costume Accessories: $9.68
      • Walmart (don't remember): $45.71

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Single bedroom Condo Sale Specs

We're a numbers crunching club over here... so i'm sure your interested in the sale of our property and how we managed to buy a new one.

First off, these are the FINAL show pictures of our one bedroom. Our realtor paid for someone who specifically takes real estate photos -- if you want your home to essentially sell in 36 hours and nail it out in a champ with one open house, this folks is the way to go... If your in orange county and the surrounding areas and you need a real estate photographer, I highly recommend Antis Photography. I know the owner, she took these herself and she's amazing.

Now, if you want to remember what this place looked like 8 years ago when I bought it, you can check out that post:


Back in March, we updated everyone on our current Mortgage payment and everything we had spent on the condo up until that point. So, if you would like to reference all the money we dumped into that unit in the almost 8 years we held onto it, check out the post: March '17 Mortgage Update.

After spending $7,057.08 on a down payment and closing costs, I initially dropped $17,672.29 in remodel costs, leaving me $24,729.37 in the hole on day one. Between then and December of 2016, I manged to turn a profit of $3,274.84 on the property without factoring in equity.

How'd we do that? 

Government buying incentives (Thanks Obama for that $8K), savings we recorded from itemizing our housing expenses on our taxes (this was just the difference we got by itemizing instead of the standard deduction -- yup, did my taxes twice those years so I could track just what we got above basic deductions), and by using a comparable rental unit to factor in the costs we would have paid to rent instead of just paying our mortgage and repairs to the place. If we were under, we deducted that amount from the "hole" as savings since we would have spent the money to have a roof over our heads.
  • If you recall, I purchased the condo for $120,000 at "near" the bottom of the market when the housing industry crashed. It was a bank owned foreclosure in bad condition. Over the years we made modifications to the property and tracked all of our expenses and compared them to what we would have paid if we rented. We also factored in when we paid additional amounts of principle as expenses to make it a true apples to oranges comparison. If we spent money, we recorded it as an expense.
With all that in mind, we were UP $3,274.84 at the start of 2017 BEFORE factoring in any equity.

Below are the costs associated with the property in 2017 that weren't factored in to our March statement:

  • Wall texture/Dry wall patching in Kitchen: $300.00
  • 2 months expenses on a storage unit for staging: $325.00
  • Electrical and bathroom GFI updates to sell: $99.27
  • Professional cleaning: $145.00
  • Paint, moving boxes and materials: $375.60
  • Uhaul fees: $118.93

We sold our Condo for $280,000.00. 

Below, are the actual fees associated with the sale:
  • HOA Document Transfer Fee: $529.00
  • 5% Commission:$14,000.00
  • Mortgage Balance Pay off :$83,509.22
  • Interest on loan up till pay off: $214.49
  • Statement Recording fee to pay off loan: $30.00
  • Recording Fee: $9.00
  • Re-conveyance Fee: $45.00
  • VA Loan Non-Allowable: $1,000.00 (We may get some of this back)*
  • Hazard Fee: $74.95
  • Title Insurance: $717.00
  • Sub Escrow Fee: $62.50 
  • Transfer Tax fee: $308.00
  • Notary: $15.00
  • Escrow Fee: $835.00
  • Processing Fee: $275.00
  • Wire Fees: $70.00
  • Messenger/doc fee" $75.00
  • Taxes: $105.00 + $34.65
*Our realtor is looking into an itemized statement, because I should have had a pro rated HOA fee and an itemized list of VA fees I was paying for the buyer which was up to $1,000.00... but for now we are rolling going with it...

All in all, after closing costs, we walked away with $179,028.33 in PROFIT.

But it gets even better. Between January and June of this year, we spent $6,936.98 between our mortgage and property taxes. During the selling process, we learned our 1 bedroom unit would have rented for $1600 a month! If we use that as our rent comparable for the year, we would have paid $9,600.00 in rent for 6 months -- saving us $2,663.02 just by being owners...

So that leaves our final walk-away growth was $181,691.35

It was hard to say good bye to my first true home, but it was also the right time to do it.

We sold it to a single mom who is a Navy Vet. Buying our place cuts her commute in half each day and we finally have a room for our son. She is also a chef so our kitchen is a dream come true. She never expected to find a kitchen like that in a condo.

It's bitter sweet to say good bye --- especially since we are walking into another fixer upper, but this unit is in way better shape then the last one and we have set aside $35,000 to help us make improvements.

Some of the money is what was left over from the sale that we didn't use to cover closing costs or our VERY LARGE down payment. (I'll do a separate post on our purchase with the numbers.)

The other amount came from SCB's parents. They have given us a most generous gift to aid us in the home purchasing process so we did not need to use our emergency fund to put down any earnest money.

While we didn't need the funds to purchase or use towards a down payment in the end, they are happy to see us spend the money on improvements and appliances.

They offered us the gift a year ago actually, and we told them we would accept it when the time was right. I wanted to make sure we could afford to purchase without the gift so the gift would be there to either help with repairs, or to allow us to get the right home if  the market continued to rise in price... (which it totally did -- at the end of fall '16 we figured we'd buy a unit in our complex for $290k to maybe $300k -- not $324k... but we never dreamed we'd get $280k for a 1 bedroom without a garage!)

Any who, we accepted their gift because it's a no strings attached gift. We can choose to pay it back, or keep the money. When they do their estate, its just listed that we received the money. If we pay it back, it gets an updated that we paid it back.

They have done this in the past with their other children when they were making large financial changes. Some paid it back, others have kept it and were blessed to receive it. Over the course of the year prior to us taking the gift, they have ensured me to the ends of the earth that it is not a loan and it will never be mentioned again and I believe them.

I won't let money ruin family, so take my advice -- never borrow money from family but gifts, when they are truly gifts, are blessings. It's taken me a lot of growing up and letting go to be in a position to say, "okay, I'll accept your help" and it feels good to let my in-laws help us out in this way. It's something I never imaged a parent would do for me.

We do hope to pay back their loan over time, but it won't be an initial priority since our cars are starting to show age and we are still paying $900 a month for daycare. If we have a second child, repayment will be delayed, but we have been truly discussing the 1 and done methodology.

So there you have it folks!

Thursday, June 29, 2017

New house Pictures

We didn't take too many pre-moving in photos, but we have a few to share with you all. (Including what we plan to do with each area)!

We purchased a long term rental unit -- which means from a far away shot, the place looks great, but when you live in it and plan to live in it long term, you realize a lot of things that need to be changed... and areas where there needs to be a whole lot of love.

Few things for the whole place:
  • New windows and slider doors and window coverings (they have the original, thin, heat up your kitchen like a box windows... and yes, the sliders were installed backwards like my last unit.)
  • New floors
    • The tile is very old and has gaps in the second bedroom where flooring should be in the closet. They also placed an oversized vanity in the bathroom that really too large for the space (you hit it using the toilet) -- this was put in to avoid having to redo the floors before the sale of the unit after the original vanity was damaged in the water leak.
    • We are hoping we may do the flooring ourselves if we go with a laminate... but we are currently living with the flooring for now (it's not on the priority list).
    • We also plan to remove a wall where we know there is not tile underneath, so that will require new floors for practical purposes.
  • Cooling and Heating
    • No wall units or fans in the unit... and we inherited a broken heater. Depending on what cooling method we go with (Traditional AC, Ductless, or Wall Unit) will determine what additional repairs we make to the property. 
  • Recessed lights or ceiling fans with lights throughout the unit. The only "can" lights are in the kitchen and the placement needs to be fixed.

Now, for the pictures. We tried to find something that would be move in ready, so we could pick one project to complete at a time. 

Living Room

We will put a wall unit entertainment system from Ikea and mount our TV on the left wall like we did at our other place, but the floors and electrical will need to come first. -- this is last on our list. We can live with a few boxes stacked up for now.

The decorative "pony" wall right by the front door is going to be removed. This is supposed to be the kitchen pantry but it was removed for a computer desk set up (you can see it in the right of the 2nd picture). We are going to remove it entirely to open up the floor plan since it serves no real purpose. The wall makes the dinning room table too cramped in the space.


We purchased a fridge and washer/ dryer, but the electrical behind the stove was actually worthy of the "hall of shame" at my husbands place, (It wasn't in the wall and was held together by duct tape...) and the stove was unclean able... 

So this week we purchased a new microwave, stove and fixed the outlet so it's actually in the wall and safe to use. We have put some temporary shelves next to the pantry for most of our kitchen gadgets for the time being until we can figure out if an additional cabinet is what we want and if we want to re-locate the fridge so it's not in front of the dishwasher. 

Eventually, we hope to re-configure the kitchen so its a "U shape" ... but for now, we will fix the lighting and use it as is since it is newer construction and we can get a sense of what we need.


There are double doors that open up to the master bedroom and a three mirrored closet... which we ripped out after the uhaul was empty. We will be putting our wardrobes "in" the closet and adding some new built ins along the wall instead of the mirrored closet.

The mirrored closet barely opened and I knew within a week, Hubs would break it, so we took it out. 
Lights and a ceiling fan will go in.

We will need to re-carpet the bedroom since we are now missing 3 inches of carpet by the closets, but that's apart of the new flooring plan.

We will put our Murphy bed together initially and hubs has his computer station all set up.

We are contemplating removing one of the two doors into our bedroom because right now, both doors just takes up too much space. 


Oversize bathroom vanity...
Bonus problem to the oversize vanity...  There are no shelves so the whole thing is just a giant open space... that's wayyyyy to close to the toilet. The medicine cabinet also has exposed drywall on one side closet to the wall.

Shower has a single layer of subway title put around the edge of it... I've already removed it. It was cracked, ugly and was not actually serving a purpose. The doors will come off, a new vent fan with light installed and we will have the tub resealed.

2nd bedroom

It's so cool to write "2nd" bedroom... 

We didn't take pictures before we moved in because it was pretty basic. Tile floor, bad closet... so these are some after shots with his crib, toys and our stand alone wardrobe in place. You can't see the closet in these photos, but I think we will take it out, put his closet in there and then build some stable shelves for toys and storage. Right now, the shelves in are no load bearing, so we have a few things just on the floor in there until we can go to ikea.

Sunday, June 25, 2017


We bought and sold my good dear friends and we are now the proud owners of a junky 2 bedroom condo!

I say that jokingly -- its a decent unit bones wise --- but boy to we have a huge list on he home improvement sheet and after living here the past 24 hours, the list has grown.

Apparently there was some really shoddy electrical work with the stove -- and its in really bad condition, so once we fix the outlet, a new stove and microwave will need to be put in.... and the bathroom is a nightmare.

but were making it work and we will tackle one project at a time.

It was hard to say good by to my first ever home, but once the stuff was out (and the people) it lost it's home feeling and was more like "space" ... albeit clean and nicer (and cleaner) then what we bought, but we'll get it there. I keep reminding myself this two bedroom is less junky then when I bought the first place.

I've got names and numbers to call for quotes and estimates so we'll get cracking. It will be better after a working stove and microwave come... and the bathroom gets better.

I'm still waiting for the rest of the pending charges to post, so once that happens, i'll have a full 8 year re-cap post and a post on the new place for all you number people.

But for now, we're in our new home.

Monday, June 12, 2017

Moving update

Still in Escrow... Contingencies removed with our buyer... so now its just waiting on her funding, but at least at this point if it falls through, we'll get around $8,000 earnest money to help us replenish what we have spent.

Operation 2 bedroom might actually be a success! Here's to hoping.

12 days and counting till keys!