Friday, April 6, 2018

March 2018 Spending

Coloring eggs... Little Dude totally ate three when we were
done... I think that's the most hard boiled eggs this kid
has ever eaten, lol. 
March was a busy month for us and I wasn't able to keep a regular blog schedule going since I was working a ton on the weekends with several special events.... and more to come.

We celebrated Easter, held little dude's birthday party, started a patio garden from scratch (thanks to hubs profit share check) and have made some more progress on the condo (all the walls are painted)

Hanging with dad at the City Bunny Days
Event I run every year :) 

I'm still in spring go mode at work, so posts might take a couple of weeks before they get back on track, but that's just the busy season.

I won't have a full weekend off until the end of April just before hub's birthday!

This is even a rushed post and won't be as detailed as my normal month end reports are budget wise because i'm writing it quickly just so I can clear our budget and re-set it for April.

I also had another work conference and my check engine light went back on... (I'm starting to think we are cursed for conferences) but it was for the part we were hoping wasn't broken from the last fix... so at least I knew it was safe to drive on for the remaining two days I had left to go for conference.

What we spent in March
Groceries: $370.44

  • A little high this month, but we had to do more convenience meals because of the work schedule and the fact that I was at conference for three days and hubs had to take care of little dude.

Gasoline/ Tolls and car washes: $321.01

  • Includes parking fees that will be reimburse, and mileage.

Car repairs: $1,400.34

  • New headlights, carbon canister, vapor control valve, oil chance, and Car Reg ($133) for the Camry. I finally opted to get new headlights installed because they had my car for a couple days anyway to fix the valve and my original ones were so fogged that they didn't do much to illuminate the road and one bulb was always coming loose making the right headlight go out. 

Eating Out: $94.40
Little Dude: $72.62

  • Pull ups, bribe toy to give up his binky (YUP WE ARE BINKY FREE FOLKS), and birthday party stuff.

Daycare: $1,406.00

  • This includes April and May mini "pre-school" he will start up on the 9th. Our daycare will discount us three days since little dude will be offsite for a few hours for his preschool starter program (to prepare him for fall when he starts pre-school -- the kid needs to learn to listen).  

Dental: $430.00 (The last of hubs dental fees, his mouth is finally done)

  • $53.38 (me - needed khaki pants for a work event)
  • $6.48 (Little Dude)
Gifts: $113.23 Hub's birthday presents (had to order in advance... he's building his own drone)
Church Tithe: $1,867.00

  • We had our annual profit share check, plus a three paycheck month for me so its a lot higher than normal... like more than double as it was a really nice profit share check. We dumped it all into our slush fund after doing some succulent and garden starting. We want to get through the house renovation before we start spending any of it as our flooring may increase dramatically since we might need to stay in a hotel and rent a storage until for all of our belongings so we can tile everything.
Internet: $63.99
Phones: $97.19 (Minutes for my phone, a car mount and a Bluetooth receiver)
Fun Money: $80 (40 each)
Audible: $14.95
Netflix: $19.60
Electricity: $60.04
HOA: $350
Mortgage: $1,044
Renovation: $363.30

  • Door Knobs/locks for all the new doors -- we bought more than we needed and will return the extras -- we wanted to be sure we would be okay for the knobs and locks.

Discretionary: (We planned to spend more than usual since we had the profit share check coming in and decided it was time to start a garden).

  • $14.00 (three youtube movie downloads)
  • $60 lipsence 
  • $10.80 running hip pack
  • $8.51 Workout gloves
  • $9.22 2lb walking weights
  • $6.44 Shampoo
  • $23.12 Ikea plastic cups (we tossed out our glass ones because we never use them with little dude anymore and they were taking up valuable kitchen space). 
  • $384.36 Garden
    • Plants, seeds, containers, soil, green house, succulents.... the toddler is obsessed.... and Hubs is all obsessed over succulents... it's adorable. Apparently I can only grow food because all my flowers die... but all my veggie seedling are making the magic happen in our green house. Were going to have to pot them into their new homes soon. 

Monday, March 19, 2018

March 2018 - Mortgage Update

Mortgage Balance: $157,896.09

March Payment:
$764.00 (+$208 property taxes / $350 HOA)

Principal paid: $236.89
Interest paid: $527.11

Total interest paid on the new loan: $4,772.09

Estimated Value: $325,000*
*Until the improvements are finished, we are keeping the value at our purchasing price unless the market makes a drastic change one way or the other.

Getting The Keys

If your just catching along with our house buying and selling story, you'll want to check out the re-cap post on our 1 bedroom condo.

Our starting profit from the sale of our condo was $181,691.35. From there, we purchased a 2 bedroom condo in the same complex. Our very extensive down payment came from the profits we rolled over from the sale of our first place.
  • Down payment: $164,000 (100% profit from our first sale)
  • Inspection: $300
  • Admin/Origination charges: $899
  • Processing Fees: $495
  • Appraisal: $410
  • Flood Cert: $11
  • County taxes: $46.78
  • Endorsement Fee: $25
  • Recording Grant Deed: $9
  • Recording Trust Deed: $57
  • Notary Fee: $175
  • Messenger fee" $25
  • Archiving fee: $80
  • E-Document fee: $100
  • Escrow fee: $798
  • Lenders title insurance: $357
  • Sub escrow Fee: $37.50
  • Recording fees: $150
  • Home Owners Insurance: $400
  • Prepaid Interest $140.24
  • HOA Dues (June) $93.33
  • HOA Dues (July) $350
  • HOA Processing Fee: $50
  • Lender Credits +$6.40
  • Seller Credits +$1,200
Money spend to move: $167,834.96.... Remaining Profit from original sale: $14,589.16
We got the keys and the same day we moved in, we also started to remodel. (Yup, after the boxes were out of the u-haul, we ripped out our master bedroom closet the same day as it was broken and jenky as all get out!)... Here's what we have spent so far on the remodel.

Washer/Dryer, fridge, delivery, install$2,037.61
Dryer hoses$17.26
Stove, microwave, delivery, install$982.82
Stove plug$32.31
Reverse Osmosis System $233.53
Stove Outlet Labor$40.00
Tv Mount - Living Room$135.00
USPS change $1.00
Bathroom shower rod, curtain, hooks, tub fixtures$234.47
Windows / Slider door deposit$690.03
Portable wire racks (3)$118.22
Living Room Rug$163.00
3 Ceiling Fans$382.52
Laundry Hose Connector$7.52
Paint Samples, Keys, Impact Driver Accessories$56.34
Tools to remove nails from Cement and boards$27.95
Tile Samples$4.14
Electrical Parts$1,213.23
Electrical Labor$1,850.00
Ikea Bathroom + Toy Chest$1,266.78
Paint Prep supplies and ceiling paint$214.28
Drywall Costs$1,380.00
Heater Repairs$1,146.94
Painting Supplies$340.62
Home Depot Supplies (Bathroom install)$127.08
Tub resurface$500.00
Home Depot Supplies (Bathroom shower)$53.16
Home Depot Supplies$68.49
Home Depot Return-$170.75
Paint, Door Measure$124.72
Home depot Vents and Spray paint$54.07
Window coverings / Curtains/Rods$320.42
Windows / Sliders /Final$6,210.27
paver stones, 2 plants, plastic sheeting$130.25
2017 Tax savings (Federal) -$1,125.00
2017 Tax savings (State)-$768.00
2017 "living in our condo savings" 6 months-$4,715.50
Home depot $5.90
CED $32.58
Ceiling Paint $24.49
Wardrobe, kitchen table, bed frame $1,156.09
Delivery $59.00
Ikea (hinges, end table, storage cubes) $187.41
coat hook $15.00
fix bathroom shower handle $13.45
Front door and interior doors $2,468.17

 Currently in the hole:  $ 2,757.71 

*When we file our taxes for the year, I always factor in what our return would be BEFORE our mortgage expenses drop us into the "itemizing" category. For 2017, we were able to write off over $7,000 and the amounts listed in the chart above are the amount we received back because of our mortgage and property tax deductions, and the sale of our condo and those expenses we could write off. 

**We also track how much cheaper it is to be homeowners vs. renters. Our 2 bedroom housing comps tell us that to rent a 2 bedroom for the 6 months would cost us $13,156 verses $8,440.50 to be homeowners (That's 6 months of Mortgage, additional principal, Prop Tax, HOA, and Earthquake insurance expenses since our Homeowner insurance was purchased in escrow, so it's already factored in.) So that's how we get our $4,715.50 in "living in our condo savings." 

So, we are currently in the hole $2757.71.. and still in home improvement land.

However, we have $167,103.91 in equity, if we assume our purchase and sale price is still accurate at $325,000. If we were to sell our condo today for $325,000 after (6% commission fees and another $4,000 in closings costs, plus the amount we are in the hole for) we would walk away with $143,846.20 verses the $181,691.35 profit we had before we bought this place.

So we have a ways to go to make this home a worth while investment. For us, having our own room and more space is worth the $40,845.15 difference for the time being.

Friday, March 9, 2018

March 2018 Networth

NET WORTH: March 2018
Primary Checking$16,125.00 $ (2,592.75)-13.85%
Savings $ 33,944.78 $ 357.22 1.06%
Roth IRA -1 $ 56,055.58 $ 1,430.07 2.62%
Roth IRA -2 $ 7,693.74 $ 204.54 2.73%
SCG - 457 & 401 (a) $ 11,123.56 $ 321.95 2.98%
SCB - 401k (vested $) $ 17,961.91 $ 420.79 2.40%
Camry $ 3,732.00 $ - 0.00%
Escort $ 1,650.00 $ - 0.00%
Condo $ 325,000.00 $ - 0.00%
Pension (Cash Value) $ 57,931.81 $ 621.04 1.08%
Mortgage $ (157,896.09) $ 236.89 -0.15%
NET WORTH: $ 373,322.29 $ 999.75 0.27%
This account normally contains only $1k. We normally keep an additional $1k in cash, but with contractors and construction projects going on in our condo, we have deposited the funds for safe keeping. The additional money will be spent on new flooring, and other large scale projects within the year, so we expect to see this account drop each month as we complete projects.

April should be a really good month for us... We will get hubs Profit Share bonus checks! 

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Little behind on posts...

I'm a little behind on posts and February will be a light month because i'm working a TON with Bunny Days, a grand re-opening and my regular load... but hey, were making magic happen one smile at a time, so it's all good in the end.

I literally just finished painting our dinning room though! I took today off work because i've got an event on Friday, and a training on Saturday and it was the only day I could flex some hours.

Hubs prepped and sanded the walls last night so I could paint them today!!!

Hello pretty Grey!

And these are the only walls I have left to paint... and then we will be rid of the horrible yellow of death...

Memo to self: Don't accept the "invite" to the co-worker "fitness" half hour lunch session the day before you plan to paint your dinning room... 

My shoulders were screaming at me before I even started and climbing down that ladder after a "21-day fix extreme" video was not fun on my booty... or squatting down to remove baseboards... or painting the lower walls....  I thought I was joining in on a little Pilates and stretch, maybe country heat or regular 21 day fix videos... not extreme...

Friday, March 2, 2018

What we spent in February (2018)

Every month we use our handy dandy spreadsheet to keep track of our expenses throughout the year in an effort to be more mindful of how we part with our hard earned resources.
I find that when we are more mindful with our spending, we enjoy the things we do as a family more... and we enjoy the things we already have because we aren't buying everything that comes across our radar of "oooohhhhh, that's cool...."

except for this month...

February was expensive. I'm just going to say it. We spent a lot of money. 

It wasn't all planned spending due to the car repairs and dental bills, but before those hit the pipeline for the month we had planned to make a few "fun" purchases since our tax return came in. We typically spend a bit more after we get our tax return because we stick to a pretty firm budget most of the time.

What we spent in February

Church Tithe/Giving: $955 (Higher than usual since I sold back my vacation time)
Groceries: $320.63
Eating Out: $82.96 
  • 2 sit down meals out as a family, plus 2 fast food lunches for hubs.
Housing: $3,803.62
  • HOA: $350
  • Mortgage: $764
  • Property Taxes: $280 transferred to savings
  • Fix our shower handle: $13.45
  • Front and interior doors ordered (through home depot): $2,468.17

Automobiles: $912.27
  • Gasoline
    • HUBS: $124.41
    • Me: $88.19
    • Work Gas Refund: - $26.49
  • Smog for the Camry: $37.15
  • Car Repairs:
    • EVAP ESVP: $300.76 (Camry)
    • Alternator: $388.25 (Escort)
Internet: $63.99
Fun money: ($39 each) $78.00
Audible: $14.99
Netflix (plus DVD rental): $19.60
Electricity: $49.43
Little Dude: $1,239.98
  • Big Air play date with mom: $16
  • Miralax: $25
  • Birthday decorations/supplies: $65.84
  • Easter Basket: $20
  • New Big Boy Mattress: $90.24
  • Birthday character bedding: $75
  • Spare sheets, mattress protector: $30.71
  • Poop Helpers: $15.06
  • Flash Cards: $2.14
  • Daycare: $900
Dr/Dentists: $1,195.00 - Dental hubs
  • Kibble, treats: $37.04
  • Grooming: $43.99
Clothing: $251.54
  • ME:
    • $197.69 / a dress, expensive shoes and PJ's
  • Hubs: 
    • $53.84 / Shoes.
Gifts/holidays: $97.25
  • Valentines Day: $97.25
    • Flowers and some small things for hubs. (My dress and shoes above were my valentines day)
Discretionary: $176.10
  • Sink Plugs, Card: $7.63
  • Woolite, Truffles, 2 dish scrubbers, 2 spatulas: $31.51
  • Casters for the Kitchen Shelves: $21.51
  • Fitbit bands $19.98
  • Keyboard for Hubs at work: $$58.00
  • CPU Mount to bring a second monitor to work: $30.00
  • Canning Bands: $6.45
Love looking at what we spent our money on? Check out What we spent in January 2018.

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Another Raise??? Hubs work updates

So earlier in the month, Hubs requested we buy some things for his work... (we still own them, if he were to quit, he'd take them back home) but he wanted to make his work space a bit more efficient since their store has been running under staffed for some time as employees choose to leave and retire.

If you remember way way way back, we have two spare monitors. We sent one to Utah so when we go out to hang for the holidays, he can still game with his brothers... but we have been storing another one in our house that doesn't have a mount. Hubs really wanted a dual monitor set up at work and it isn't a high priority for their store since they have a staffing issue... so we bought a "mount" for it and hubs brought it into work. His boss didn't say anything as he set it up, but it has helped him a lot with his new duties at work as the pseudo ordering manager.

The other day when he was working, his boss was stressing because they had to order a complicated line of products and he thought he would need to do it himself... but Hubs had already started it and surprised his boss 45 minutes later when he walked into the office and ask what special order items he wanted to add to the order... his response was "your already done with it???" -- a task like that took the old project manager 5 hours... he did it in an hour and a half.

So, we set him up with a dual monitor at work since he's now doing a bulk of the store ordering and it makes him happier at work...

He also wanted a new keyboard. We have a new one at home that lights up when you press buttons, but it's also one of those "old school" ones where the keys make a taping sound when you press one (he got one with a sound dampener so he's not annoying at work), because he wanted to type on one type of system at both work and home... and it makes him happier at work...

Needless to say, work hasn't been all that happy as their store has been under staffed for a while, but hubs is picking up the slack in a HUGE way... but his boss is starting to look at him like his 2nd in command and that's an amazing thing.

Next week is profit share where they normally sit down and do annual performance updates, etc... his boss told him yesterday that he put in for him to get another raise now that his co-worker retired and isn't on the books anymore... but we will see what happens. He didn't mention how much of a raise he put in for hubs, but Hubs isn't even getting paid what he should be getting as lead inside sales... let alone purchase manager....

Hubs has a figure in mind that his boss needs to pay him... so we will see what happens there....  but profit share is coming. Apparently, it will be very similar to last year since they still have to pay the guy who retired his share (and as the old purchase manager he would receive a larger chunk of the profit share check.) But someone just quit yesterday, and they just hired a warehouse guy so those employees won't be receiving checks because they weren't at the store a whole year.