Tuesday, May 7, 2019

April Spending 2019

Wow... another month of sheer crazy. We had two birthdays (gift shopping for a third), preparation for our overnight backpacking trip, and I was SUPER busy at work... and the latter always affects our budget as I have to be more practical than anything else and judge time verses money.

We over spent in some areas, had planned spending in others (but still large numbers), but all in all, no regrets and that's how I like ending a month. After I look over all the spending, if i'm not getting that pit in the stomach "we should have done better" it was a good month. Could we have been more frugal? Sure... but we also had a VERY large profit share check this year and decided we would be purchasing backpacking and hiking gear because 1 year later, we are still enjoying this hobby and now have the gear to hike when we want to hike -- weather be darned!

Onto the spending:

Groceries: $421.56
  • Two birthdays, house guests, and 5 shopping weeks.... that will do it!
Gasoline / Auto: $262.50 (Net)
  • Hubs: $189.00
  • Me: $113.04 - $69.54 Work Reimbursement
  • Tolls: $30.00 -- Auto refill
Eating Out: $256.97
  • Islands: $50.00
  • Red Robin: $46.00
  • Fast food / quick dinners: $160.97 --- blech
  • ME: New workout clothes, sports bras and tops: $119.23
  • Hubs: button down shirt & gym shorts $44.62
Little Dude: $155.47
  •  $ 33.15 Last minute toy, decorations, and desserts for school class party 
  •  $ 22.57 Hats and party favors 
  •  $ 57.32 Walmart (Cake, Birthday outfit,  wrapping paper) 
  •  $ 36.61 Balloons 
  •  $ 3.32 Target 
  •  $ 2.50  Kite and a water blaster
Tithe/Giving: $796.00

Daycare: $910.00

  • Cause were 5 day "all day" friends

Dr / Dental / etc: $85.00
  • My dental co-pay for visit and cleaning
Internet: $65.99

Cell phones: $72.68
  • Minutes for me: $36.34
  • Minutes for hubs: $36.34
  • HOA: $367.50
  • Mortgage: $764.00
Fun money: $80.00

Audible: $14.95
Netflix: $8.61 (DVD Rental)

Electricity: $50.09
We actually use LESS electricity now that we have an alexa and a few smart plugs. Being able to turn things off by telling "alexa" has actually been saving us money! Hubs might get a few more smart switches, etc. at work so we can time light to come on around 4 pm for roxy, so it isn't on all day to ensure she's not in the dark when there is daylight out.

We have decided to take pictures of receipts before we leave the store when we shop together so I can itemize and have a copy of them since we have a lot of, "who knows what" in the budget this month.

We also planned to purchase a switch this month and games for the new system. This was husbands WANT from profit share and we tied it into receiving it for his birthday since it was a large purchase and far more than we would spend for a birthday and also is our big "tech" purchase for the year since our PC is still going . 

  • $971.31    Switch, controllers, games, and set up stuff
  • $10.19 Toilet Paper 
  • $132.89 Walmart? 
  • $ 17.24 Target? 
  • $ 74.22 Easter Baskets 
  • $ 25.90 Ear buds (2 pack) 
  • $ 25.93 Hiking "cookie" bars; OTC Meds 
  • $ 17.84 Trail magic

  • $982.41  
    • 20 degree women's bag; 
    • Bottom and top base layers; 
    • Smaller hiking briefs; 
    • 2 sleeping pads - therm-a-rest Neo Air Xlite; 
    • 2 ice axes; 
    • Fleece boys hoodie---yup, i fit in the kids jacket better than the women's 
  • $156.02  
    • Dry sack (2); 
    • New Hat that does fit better; 
    • buff; 
    • kids water reservoir; 
    • piezo igniter 
  • $(34.16) 
    • Returned Hat bought last year (Just didn't work for my head/pack)
  • $53.88
    •  Teva Sandals 
  • $193.05
    • Osprey Eja 58 Pack - Women's 
  • $64.51
    • Hip pack for hubs.....
  • $90.25
    • 2 pairs of pants / insect repellent (I got smaller)
  • $54.95  
    • Cheap River Country back-packing tent. We purchased this to see if hubs liked a trekking pole tent set up... since he wants a zpacks tent... and i'd rather pay $55 and let him play with a cheap version before he spends $800 on a tent.... 

Monday, April 29, 2019

Celebrating accomplishments

I'm proud to say that 2019 is still remaining the year of hiking. When you see our monthly spending report in a few days, we definitely dropped some serious $$$$ on more gear (due in large part to the glorious profit share check hubs received, so we are able to) and because we also decided that we wanted gear for birthdays and mother's days and father's days to boot... and because of weather... but i'll elaborate on that in our spending report.

I'm kind of excited to realize that May will mark one year of hiking for us for our family! It seems we have found a way to incorporate exercise, outdoors and family modifications to keep a hobby alive for more than 1 year!!!

We started in May of 2018 and I thought our tiny hikes were huge feats. I remember being so tired and sore that we just had to lay down and rest the rest of the day, too exhausted to move, and feeling the soreness for a few days that followed at work.

In January, I decided I would walk 5 miles with no pack on the path near our home, because I realized if I wanted more hikes, I needed to get in better shape. I could give a whole day up to do a short hike and not be able to do anything the rest of the day, and then also needing Sunday to rest too. Laundry and Groceries had to get done too! I remember the path near our house was completely free of people because it was COLD that first day.... and the next week when it rained, I decided I'd still go out and do those same 5 miles and "embrace the suck" as those trail vlogs I was watching always say. 

Soon those weekend morning got a little busier on the trail as those less crazier than I added to the masses when the weather dried up. Now that I was good with my 5 miles, and able to still get things done around the house after a couple weeks, I started adding my pack and just a bottle or two of water.... 

Then I slowly added more pieces of gear and would occasionally increase the mileage. Hubs would do a little night walking in, in exchange for me getting my morning miles in, and i'd go early and keep it short, using the extra weight to continue to provide more resistance so I could still get back soon enough to re-claim our weekend. Looking back, it was smart I started in the rain when we would be pretty much house bound for the day. My absence wasn't completely missed because we were not itching to leave to go do something in cold and wet weather and I did need more sitting time as my body adjusted to actual exercise.  Sometimes it was just light miles as I took little dude with me so hubs could get a break or pop out tile, but I found the time.

I had told myself before that I would walk more on the weekends, but in 2019 it just stuck, and I think it was because of those few hikes we went on and my desire to do more. Some days we made it a family affair and took the wagon so we could go farther than little dude could walk (which helped both of us get some miles in)... and our little "excursion" family hikes kept the motivation alive when we just couldn't logistically plan a peak... 


Fast forward to today, and my weekly road walks are really paying off. The scale might not be moving, but I keep telling myself that I started hiking in size 14 pants... and this month, I had to swap them out for size 8 in the same brand because the 10's i'd been rocking were getting too baggy mid hike and were rubbing unpleasantly... I also had to size down in hiking undies, which was sad because we had finally bought enough for good rotation with our laundry ...  but it was necessary so it looks like i'm starting over on the stock up plan cause those things are $24 a pair!)

I even did a solo adventure up a short hike after work one night (one that hubs did solo) The "super bloom was amazing! I have found that I do prefer to hike with people and company than solo on a trail i've never done before, but it was really pretty and not a hike I could take little man with, so I was glad I didn't miss the chance to get up on the Vista Outlook and be in those 12 foot wild flowers. I found I enjoyed some of the solitude, but I was on a time table to get up and back, so not much lingering at the top.

So why the look back post? Well, Friday I walked 8 miles with 25 lb back on my back, to break in my new overnight pack in preparation for my birthday present, a double peak and  my first overnight adventure with hubs as we bag Ontario and Cucamonga Peak! They will be covered in snow, which is why we had to buy more gear, but we didn't want to reschedule and after our last snow adventure, I kind of like hiking in the cooler temps because i'm still carrying a lot of toddler weight and run hot. If we get out there and its more difficult that we anticipate, we will cut out Ontario, and just do Cucamonga. On our way down, we might hit Ontario on day two as we leave if we need to. I like being flexible as mountain conditions will change vastly between now and then. 

So this morning (Saturday as i'm typing this) i'm celebrating the fact that I could still walk after those 25 lbs and 8 miles and function around the house post shower... And today as I write this, my body is perfectly fine. Hubs is actually out hiking Mount Baden Powell in the snow for as his birthday present.

He wanted to do trail magic for PCT thru hikers, and the bubble is around Baden Powell and that's an alternate for his 6-pack of peaks challenge. Do I wish I was with him, yes, but I've already climbed that mountain in different conditions, and while I will do it again, I wanted him to have his time on the mountain and he was super excited to do trail magic, which is why i got in 8 miles the day before since I had an adjustment day at work from working an event, so I can play with little dude and find the balance to take care of me. 

I also love that i'm not purposefully pointing the camera to find a more flattering angle when I take these selfies anymore and i'm getting more confidence in how much stronger I feel.

Monday, April 22, 2019

Happy Easter - Ya'll

It's not a real secret that I work for a local city... So I was working Easter weekend. We had over 7,000 people come down to our spring celebration the Saturday before the holiday. 

It was an overcast day and probably perfect weather because it wasn't too hot or too cold. A live band, 3 hour egg hunts, pictures with the bunny, photo booths, carnival games, food trucks, bubbles, and sponsors... it was a big to-do, but also tons of fun. (some far away shots)

I was exhausted afterward, but could still move! I ended up clocking 10 miles that morning between set up at 7 am, and the final strike at 2:30 pm. Over 25,000 steps by mid-day.

But the real fun, was after the event. Sure hubs took little man down for pictures with the bunny, a quick egg hunt, and some games, but afterwards we met up at a park for a local pot luck and fun with friends from church. The boys loved the hammock we strung up between two trees. We hid some eggs on a hill and had some pot luck picnic snacks... this was by far more "my speed" than the morning before. 

Thursday, April 18, 2019

April Mortgage Update

Mortgage Balance:$154,742.67

Principal paid:$247.37
Interest paid: $516.63

Total interest paid on the new loan: $11,551.67

Estimated Value: $330,480.00*

*Until the improvements are finished, we are keeping the value at our property tax level because no one likes an unfinished project.

Getting The Keys

If your just catching along with our house buying and selling story, you'll want to check out the re-cap post on our 1 bedroom condo.

Our starting profit from the sale of our condo was $181,691.35. From there, we purchased a 2 bedroom condo in the same complex. Our very extensive down payment came from the profits we rolled over from the sale of our first place.
  • Down payment: $164,000 (100% profit from our first sale)
  • Inspection: $300
  • Admin/Origination charges: $899
  • Processing Fees: $495
  • Appraisal: $410
  • Flood Cert: $11
  • County taxes: $46.78
  • Endorsement Fee: $25
  • Recording Grant Deed: $9
  • Recording Trust Deed: $57
  • Notary Fee: $175
  • Messenger fee" $25
  • Archiving fee: $80
  • E-Document fee: $100
  • Escrow fee: $798
  • Lenders title insurance: $357
  • Sub escrow Fee: $37.50
  • Recording fees: $150
  • Home Owners Insurance: $400
  • Prepaid Interest $140.24
  • HOA Dues (June) $93.33
  • HOA Dues (July) $350
  • HOA Processing Fee: $50
  • Lender Credits +$6.40
  • Seller Credits +$1,200
  • Escrow Refund +$572.85
  • Refund from INS on old place +$159.91
Money spend to move: $167,834.96.... Remaining Profit from original sale: $14,589.16
We got the keys and the same day we moved in, we also started to remodel. (Yup, after the boxes were out of the u-haul, we ripped out our master bedroom closet the same day as it was broken and jenky as all get out!)... Here's what we have spent so far on the remodel.

Washer/Dryer, fridge, delivery, install & dryer hoses$2,054.87
Stove, microwave, delivery, install, and stove plug + Plug labor$1,055.13
Reverse Osmosis System$233.53
Tv Mount - Living Room$135.00
USPS address change$1.00
Bathroom shower rod, curtain, hooks, tub fixtures$234.47
Windows / Slider door deposit$690.03
Portable wire racks (3)$118.22
3 Ceiling Fans$382.52
Laundry Hose Connector$7.52
Paint Samples, Keys, Impact Driver Accessories. tile samples$60.48
Tools to remove nails from Cement and boards$27.95
Electrical Parts$1,213.23
Electrical Labor$1,850.00
Ikea Bathroom + Toy Chest$1,266.78
Paint Prep supplies and ceiling paint$214.28
Drywall Costs$1,380.00
Heater Repairs$1,146.94
Painting Supplies$340.62
Home Depot Supplies (Bathroom /shower) supplies$77.98
Tub resurface$500.00
Paint, Door Measure$124.72
Home depot Vents and Spray paint$54.07
Window coverings / Curtains/Rods$320.42
Windows / Sliders /Final$6,210.27
paver stones, 2 plants, plastic sheeting$130.25
2017 Tax savings (Federal)-$1,125.00
2017 Tax savings (State)-$768.00
2017 "living in our condo savings" 6 months-$4,715.50
Home depot / CED - odds and ends$38.48
Ceiling Paint$24.49
Wardrobe, kitchen table, bed frame (Deliver $59)$1,215.09
Ikea (hinges, end table, storage cubes)$187.41
fix bathroom shower handle / Coat hook$28.45
Front door and interior doors$2,468.17
New shower + install +Fixtures$7,740.00
Water Shut Off$150.00
City Permits - Shower$170.50
Tools for tile removal$181.78
2018 "living in our condo savings" 12 months-$7,227.33
2018 Tax savings - State-$594.60
3 Celing fans$258.50
Grinder tool$34.41
Air compressor, air hammer/chizzle / oil / tile removal supplies$501.38
Currently in the hole:$ 3,809.35 

*When we file our taxes for the year, I always factor in what our return would be BEFORE our mortgage expenses drop us into the "itemizing" category. For 2017, we were able to write off over $7,000 and the amounts listed in the chart above are the amount we received back because of our mortgage and property tax deductions, and the sale of our condo and those expenses we could write off. For 2018, we only saved on our state taxes, not having enough deductions to itemize our federal taxes.

**We also track how much cheaper it is to be homeowners vs. renters. Our 2 bedroom housing comps tell us that to rent a 2 bedroom for the first 6 months would cost us $13,156 verses $8,440.50 to be homeowners (That's 6 months of Mortgage, additional principal, Prop Tax, HOA, and Earthquake insurance expenses since our Homeowner insurance was purchased in escrow.) So that's how we get our $4,715.50 "living in our condo savings" for 2017. For 2018, we used the same numbers and the difference was $7,227.33. For 2019, we will use these factors in 2019 Housing Comps.

So, we are currently in the hole $3,809.35.. and still in home improvement land.

However, we have $175,737.33 in equity, if we assume our property tax value is accurate at $330,480.00. If we were to sell our condo today after 6% commission fees and another $4,000 in closings costs, (plus the amount we are in the hole for) we would walk away with $148,099.18 verses the $181,691.35 profit we had before we bought this place.

So we have a ways to go to make this home a worth while investment. For us, having our own room and more space is worth the $33,592.17 difference for the time being.

Monday, April 15, 2019

Dental Visits!

Now that little dude is 4, hubs and my dentist will let him come to their office for dental work.... which is amazing because we couldn't find a pediatric dentist that would take our insurance.

When little dude got teeth, we went to a dentist because that's what you are supposed to do! I had to pay $50 out of pocket for them to do basically nothing. They showed me how to brush his teeth and told me just to use water. He wasn't a fan of it ... and we had to pay because they didn't take our insurance... after they told us they took our insurance.  :/

It was supposed to be a mishap that the office was going to fix, but 6-months later we ended up having to pay out of pocket AGAIN, only for them to brush his teeth and introduce flossing.

After multiple calls, I couldn't find anyone that would take our insurance.... so I just stopped making appointments for him for a year..... or two.....  and crossed our fingers and figured we would wait until he was older.

Then we heard about a friend's kiddo that had multiple cavities and got worried.... I made a few more phone calls and still no one would take our insurance.

So we upped our cleaning game at home. Each morning little dude brushes his teeth with water, while I brush his stuffed tigers teeth.... We made it a game to make sure he got the top and bottom... and we do 10 seconds of "super fast" where he can brush like a maniac for fun. We end it with me checking his tiger's teeth, and then I "check" his by doing a quick brush job myself to make sure there isn't any major build up.

It was a struggle at first to get him to brush on his own, but once his tiger brushed, so did he.

At my dental visit I mentioned to our place (I switched to hub's dentist cause they were nicer) that we couldn't find anyone to take him, and they said when he turned 4 they would give it a go and see what they would let him do.... so we did a morning appointment


Not only did these non-kiddo dentists let him squirt the water squirt-er, "hold Mr. Thirsty" the sucker upper, see the mirror, hold a mirror and watch, but they let him know what they would do before they did it... let him hear their tools, like the electric tooth cleaners.... he picked flavors for cleaners and had a GREAT experience.

They did a FULL cleaning... on his first visit. There were no stickers, or cartoons on the wall, and it was still awesome for him.

Since then we have been doing a great job at home, and now little dude lets us floss at home too!

Thursday, April 11, 2019

He's 4...

Little dude crossed a hurtle this week and entered the world of four... and he did it with style. Since he goes to school now and has more friends, we decided to do a friends plus family birthday.

We won a BIG AIR birthday party package last year at Relay For Life, so we told little dude he could pick 5 friends to invite from school, plus some family for his party.

It actually worked out pretty well. There was a bit of confusion at first, but I think everyone had a good time and with work being crazy this year, having an almost "just show up" party was what we needed, considering we didn't have to pay anything for it!

Sure we had expenses,

Balloons, decorations, snacks to go with pizza and cake, but we would have spent that to have it at home and instead we got to jump.

I didn't get to jump as much wince I was wondering around making sure people were okay and doing the check-in time with my family and the non-jumpers who came to visit.

We picked up a last minute present when Little Dude declared a pokemon birthday out of no where (does not have ANYTHING pokemon...) and it was a good thing we did. We couldn't find the two small presents we picked up for him back in January, so wooohoo for the last minute back up present he loved, and dad getting him pokemon pj's that he wore to his party so he could match the theme.

Hubs also enjoyed himself like he was 12 and jumped everywhere. Apparently we are going to have to go back for a date sometime soon cause he had just tons of fun.

This month might be a little difficult to itemize expense wise because I've learned that when I shop with hubs, things like receipts, just go in his wallet and then disappear before I can write them out or find the time to re-blog it. (but at least all I know where all the Walmart and Target trips come from now, when i'm too tired and hubs pays cause I didn't bring my purse).

But I digress, and we must go back to adorable and four. 

I swear he gets taller and bigger each and every day. Little dude has a heart of gold, is generous, and loves being around other people. Being his mommy makes me a better person and I love seeing how he can do things now that 6 months ago he couldn't do.

He can write his name, count to at least 60 and knows most of his letters (he occasionally gets things like U and N mixed up, cause they look alike, but he's doing great for his first year of pre-school. I'm thinking over the summer we might start doing some sight words with him since he loves books.

I hope that as you get older, you'll still remember to have fun, enjoy the world around you, and infest the world with your own unique and contagious happiness.

Get covered in blue frosting, jump with abandonment, and try new things.

The world is your playground kid, go be shaped by play!

Monday, April 8, 2019

Dang, I glad we have insurance

I didn't realize HOW expenses an office visit could be. Normally when I go into Kaiser, I never see the "itemized" bill for service, but they forgot to charge me a $15 co-pay for office visit, and had to generate a bill for the month. I saved it to post it up here on the blog, cause i'm that nerd.

So what am I talking about?

ALT Lab test: $31.00
HPV Detection Lab test: $139.00
Pap Lab Test: $139.00
Office Visit: $205.00

$514.00 without insurance to be told I was healthy for my every 2 year check up. Thankfully, we paid $15.00.

Then there was little dude who was "sick"

Office Visit: $323.00
Extra charge for "urgent care / non appointment" :$100.00

$423.00 without insurance before prescriptions... and we paid $15

Office visit to get ENT referral:
Office visit with Dr. & appointment: $125.00

We paid $15.00 ....

Makes me feel better about those insurance premiums, especially since I didn't get an itemized report from the ENT... who removed his tubes and some wax during his visit..... for $15.00

.... and then we had the other $15 co-pay when Eli had to go back to the urgent care after his tubes were removed... because there was some "fluids"...

yup, happy to have insurance.