Friday, April 4, 2014

Toll Road FAIL

Okay so a few weeks ago I mentioned how I contacted the toll roads...  to set up an account because they are going cashless soon?

and I blogged about how they had great customer service...

I spoke too soon.

I came back from our vacation and the money that should have been credited back to my account, hadn't gone through.... oh ya, and our free $30 of toll credit wasn't actually credited to our account... and our billing "preference" still had not been changed to auto charge $30 (instead of $60) when the balance fell below $10 (instead of $20).

So I basically called the first time for nothing....

I dialed the number again on a Monday and went through the process with a different employee. Her manager was out at lunch, but she told me they would refund our balance as soon as her boss got back in the office,  and that they would apply our credit to our account for the $30 in free tolls.

She was able to get the preference fixed right then and there... but by Friday I had to call a third time because the money from our credit card had not been refunded and our $30 in free tolls was not put into our account. I was promised the credit card would be fixed by Monday morning since I had called Friday morning.

I waited until Tuesday and I logged into our account and found the $30.00 credit... but our $48 still hasn't been refunded back to our credit card...

So I had to call a 4th time!

Yes, four calls to make it happen, but now $48.50 is being put back on my credit card and we have $30 in free tolls to use for our next trips...

I'm just bummed I had to go through all that hassle to make it happen.

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