Friday, March 14, 2014

Toll Road Account Fix

So, we're going out of town! Our friends are getting married and my sister-in-law has an adorable baby that's getting blessed so we are Utah bound!

Normally we pay cash when we use the toll roads to get to Utah since it saves us a good stretch of sanity... but in May the Toll Roads will be going cash less... and we aren't transponder people since we use it so infrequently.

Right now there are a lot of free credits for signing up (promo codes), and I recently designed an ad for work with a toll road promo code on it for $30 FREE dollars so we decided to go ahead and get a prepaid account set up because it would make our trip free.

Unfortunately when I set up my account I was automatically charged $60 and didn't receive my free $30 of credit. I called their customer service center and after waiting on hold about 5 minutes I got a very friendly Ann on the phone and we got to the bottom of it.

She told me they would get my $30 of free credit set up in the next day or so since it was after business hours when I called. She also told me that they will refund the balance of the $60 charged (minus what we will be using for this trip) back to my credit card. (Since we will be driving out at 2 am they won't have the credit in place by the time we drive through the lanes so we will get around $50 credited back at the end of the trip)  She will also change the amount of the auto charge to $30 when our balance goes down to $10 instead of a $60 charge when our balance hits $20.

A simple 5 minute phone call and we will have our $30 of free toll money for a future trip and a much nicer auto pay and no transponder or maintenance fees.

That my friends is a customer service win!

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