Monday, March 17, 2014

I almost threw away $200

We do all of our bills and money management online and have for sometime. Most of my accounts I elect for online statements to save trees and reduce the amount of stuff I need to shred each month.

I only have 2 credit cards that don't have on-line statements. My Kohl's card and my Costco AMX. (Kohl's because its so infrequently used that I want the paper statement since it only comes when a charge has been made.... and Costco AMX because of the rewards money we get once a year.)

Since I'm always tracking our expenses and checking our accounts at least twice a week for any errors, when our paper statements come in, I generally toss them to the shredder...

I'm really glad our shredder broke at the end of last month because our Costco AMX rewards check was in there. In fact the statement has been sitting on the couch for a month because the shredder was out of commission.

It wasn't until this morning when I was cleaning up that I finally opened it... and there was a pretty check for $212.56. I almost didn't see it and only looked for it when the glossy paper telling me the check was in there was visible.

To think I almost tossed it....

I don't know why I forget those things come in the mail every February and not in August when I pay the annual costco renewal fee.

***shakes head in shame***

But unexpected windfalls are nice!


  1. You can do paperless statements with the Costco Amex. They just send the February statement with the check and the rest of the year paperless. At least that's how it works for us. And even though we live about 250 miles away from the closest Costco (we moved from being 15 minutes away to a day trip at the best case) we still keep the card because the rewards far exceed the Costco membership. We get about 2-3 Costco trips in throughout the year when we go home to visit family and load up then.

    1. That's excellent to know... I might have to call when I get some free time to verify and switch... especially since the shredder is still out of commission at the moment.