Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Smog test time

I got my car registration notice in the mail a couple of months ago and it's just been sitting in the drawer taunting me... all because I hate getting my car smog'd. It always seems to be inconvenient to go and get it done...

As for registration, its going to cost $104 to register my car (Stitch, our '04 Toyota Camry).

  • $70 Registration Fee
  • $24 License Fee
  • $10 County and District Fees
But before I can mail off the payment, I have to SMOG the car because we live in California.... Thankfully, I found a $20.00 off coupon to go to a local place I've previously taken my car, so that and a phone call ahead to book my appointment took a lot of the hassle out of the experience. 

All in all it was $51.24 after the discount to get my car SMOG complete.

For those of you who don't know, they test your emissions at 2 different speed levels, 15 mph and 25 mph... 

You can have a MAX of 54 parts per measure (ppm) for "HC" at 15 MPH and 37 ppm at 25 mph. Stitch is in good shape at 6 and 9 ppm respectfully. For CO %, the MAX you can have is .50% and .47%... Stitch came in at .02% and .01%. Finally for NO, the max you can have is 430 and 717... Stitch cam in at a whopping 5 and 5.

Yup, I call that a PASS!  

Right now we are going to pull the money out of savings to pay for the registration, but since our cars cost a little over $100 to register each year and since a SMOG is about $70 before a coupon, we should be okay if we start putting $25.00 a month aside to cover these expenses for the future instead of relying on our tax return (which is we didn't itemize, we wouldn't have received).

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