Thursday, April 3, 2014


SCB had to take his new pills with food, so he
hit McDonalds on the way home and
apparently they have My Little Pony toys
and as you all know, my husband is a brony...
so he decided to buy just the toys from the
happy meals and a mcflurry to coat his stomach for his pills.
Someone has been very, very ill at our house...

It seemed like just days after we got back from vacation, SCB was starting to feel kind of "off."

All of his co-workers were getting sick because their boss caught the flu, yet had to come in to prep for inventory despite being under the weather.

Now, they all work in a small office about the size of our condo (minus the warehouse)... So I was really proud to hear how South County Boy had managed to hold out for almost an entire week without catching it.

But his luck didn't last. On Friday he and the last healthy co-worker in the place both called in sick...

He spent the whole weekend in the bathroom and the bedroom just being ill.

He scraped himself together on Monday to go to work because they had a lot of deliveries to pick up... But he got sent home early on Tuesday to get some much needed rest.

He looked so horrible over the weekend that I chose to sleep on the couch in an effort not to catch his nasty bug. Even Roxy our pup knew how sick he was. Instead of attempting to eat and shred his used kleenex, she chose me and the couch over his germ infested bedroom... (that or she just loves me more than him and prefers my company).

Thankfully he started to feel a bit better the rest of the work week so we stripped the bed and I finally got an amazing nights sleep on Thursday night, which was well needed since Friday I would begin teaching a 3 day lifeguard course at work, which always wears me out by the end of it.

Unfortunately Friday hit and he felt worse, not better... by Saturday night he was the walking dead again and I was trying to play nurse maid while also teaching my lifeguard class. He told me that if he didn't feel well on Monday, he would call in sick and go to the doctors office.

Monday came and he was still really bad.

Apparently his weakened immune system from the office flu had opened him up to a sinus infection and the beginnings of an ear infection as well. His doctor gave him something for his horrible cough and some antibiotics so large that only this comparison shot would give it justice.

It's like a horse pill! It's almost as large as that piece of dove chocolate!

He filled his prescriptions on the way home and spent $21.33 for the antibiotics and $4.59 for the cough medicine at Walmart. He by-passed another drug the doctor prescribed him because he already takes a generic form of it for allergies each day, so that saved us another $25 there.

Good thing we are done with the Roth IRA since we'll have a doctors visit to pay again.

I'm also not feeling too awesome myself, but no where near the level of hubbs. My throat is sore and my sinuses are acting up, but that normally happens after yelling and working myself really hard over the lifeguard classes... so i'm not too sure if I caught anything from him, but my nose is starting to run wild and i'm a bit flemmy myself so i'm blaming him for telling me he was better and that I could move back into the bedroom to early.

Good thing for me is that I got a couple days off to rest and recuperate from the LG Class... So hopefully its just being worn out and my sinus' acting up and nothing worse than that.

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