Monday, April 7, 2014

My kitchen is a mess

On the left you'll see what my kitchen looks like at present...

You don't want to see the rest of the house.

Since South County Boy has been sick and down for the count, my house is a mess. As much as I love my husband, I clean better in solitude... with music blasting and dog dancing. I make it fun and i'm uber productive when i'm left alone. 

But when he's here, I loose all steam...

I just don't want to do my chores, let a lone his (like laundry and dishes)... I know its totally selfish, but I'm gonna say it.

I need my "me" time 

Even if I spend that alone time cleaning the house and not really doing something for me... but I need him gone to do it. When he's home and not helping me with operation clean, I loose all my motivation and I get upset. I literally get physically mad because in my eyes I see that he's just laying around not doing anything while i'm getting all sweaty and turning into wonder woman... and its not just with him being under the weather.

Lately he's let his chores pile up and hasn't been helping because he knows i'll hit my breaking points and i'll do them because I can't stand to live in the mess one moment longer. I literally can't function in a mess for too long. I break down and cry... I'm literally a different person when my house is clean and in order then I am when its a disaster... I'm affectionate when my house is clean and cold as stone when its not.

Everyday with this sickness I've come home to find more dishes piling up in the kitchen, more laundry not done ... and when I clean one area, its like he gravitates to it in my absence and messes it up all over again.

And I can't get motivated to change it because HE'S HERE.

Does anyone else need to get their husband's out of the house to clean or am I just a little looney? 


  1. Because I'm not working atm I do the cleaning while the boyfriend is at work. But if he's here and I'm cleaning he's usually pretty good at joining in.

    I know when I'm sick the boyfriend does not want me washing the dishes or unloading the clean ones from the dishwasher which does make sense.

    Tackle things twenty minutes at a time. Take a break. Do another twenty minutes. This works like a charm for me and prevents marathon cleaning (I found this method from UFYH on tumblr it's sweary though).

    Hope your hubby gets better and you feel better too!

    1. He's getting much better since he got his antibiotics... so its just a matter of time before things get back to normal.

  2. I had to chuckle when I read this post. Reread this post in 5 or more years after you have a kid. Cleaning up with only your husband around will seem easy compared to having a little one walk around and leave a string of messes in their wake. Kids are so messy and need our attention (or maybe I would rather just focus on my kid).

    On a more serious note, sometimes I feel bad for you because it seems like you are always the adult in your relationship.

    1. I know it will only get worse when we have a kid... and part of the problem is that SCB's mom stayed home and did all of the laundry and dishes so often times he forgets that he needs to do them every day and not every three days when I get upset over it...

      Obviously with him sick, i'm pulling double duty around the house...

      He seems to go through these good cycles and bad cycles with helping me around the house... hopefully we get back on track as he's getting better.

      My main problem is that I can't clean when he's home... Same with cooking. I can't make dinner if he's home and not participating. If he's not home, I'm fine. I'll clean and cook with ease and enjoy myself... Second he gets home, I want help or I won't do anything....

      I think i'm a little weird...

  3. It's super hard for me to clean while my hubby is home. He's either in the way, or doing nothing when I feel like he should be helping, or half-assed vacuuming. It makes me crazy! Much better to do it when he's not home and I can just blast music and dance.