Monday, June 17, 2013

The chair...

My husband has had this weird issue with breaking chairs...

He's 6 foot 5 inches and just doesn't sit well in them. As a result, he has broken a few chairs since he's moved into the condo with me.

My fiance broke the desk chair for the computer a while back so he was making due with a kitchen chair or the bench for a while... we ended up getting one for free from our church... -June 25th, 2011 From Trash is Treasure
That "kitchen chair" died... and than that office chair, became this shortly afterward...

SCB destroyed office chair number 2... yup, apparently these things aren't made for 6'5'' tall men who like to lean back in them 100% of the time.  He tossed the broken parts and now its being used as a stool because I don't want to replace it and I don't miss the parts that are missing. :)- October 23, 2011 From Weekly Updates and Spending Goals
about 4 months later.
This chair was eventually replaced with this lovely "freebie" from keith's first job... we had to fix the arms after a little while because the stuffing was coming out and that was the fabric we had in the house. This one hung in for a long while actually-- probably because it was ugly and driving me crazy waiting for it to break. But I digress.

In between this chair, hubby broke another patio chair he was using to play video games.... and then broke this one:

Along with the discarded items and the gnome was our patio chair... Yes. SCB managed to break another chair.... again.... making it the 5th chair he has broken since he moved to California. He has gone through 2 office chairs, one dinning room chair, and 2 folding/camping chairs... I don't know what to do with him anymore...  he always manages to break them right along the arms or possibly the back if there is no arms.... -- From January Purge Fest
Then, something happened... we found this beauty by the dumpster because all the bolts were loose. 5 minutes with a little allen wrench and we get to replace the ugly old work chair (that never actually broke), with this leather beauty. 

 I call that a nice trade up. While SCB might have a job now, and it appears we are spending money left and right this month with Roxy and a little shopping, we aren't planning on making a habit out of it. And we aren't beneath free office chairs :) 

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