Sunday, October 23, 2011

Weekly Updates (Spending & Money Goals)

This would be our "office" chair...
But I don't think chair is quite the
word for it anymore... Stool perhaps?
Weekly Re-cap:
We  had some unexpected funds come in... $350.00 in belated wedding gifts to be exact--Wahoo the hubby's family is awesome!!!!!!! SCB has been dying for a car radio (he hasn't had one ever in his car and he realized this week that his cables weren't bad so he could actually get a radio to work in there), so after we discovered the checks, I gave him the green light so we went ahead and got him one to help make his work commute more enjoyable. The rest of the money is being earmarked for a new TV for our bedroom. We really would like to get a nice flat screen that we can mount to the wall and I can ditch my 7+ year old tiny screen TV that the volume has issues with.

The wedding checks also came in the same day that SCB destroyed office chair number 2... yup, apparently these things aren't made for 6'5'' tall men who like to lean back in them 100% of the time.  He tossed the broken parts and now its being used as a stool because I don't want to replace it and I don't miss the parts that are missing. :)

We also had some visitors to our house. 2 female missionaries wanted to introduce themselves and meet families in their local ward. Since my husband is a member of the church despite not being active, they popped by to see if we'd like to set up a little meet and greet with them. We had them come over for dinner and they were really nice. At least now if I ever go with the hubby i'll know 2 more friendly faces. (While my husband is a member of the church, he doesn't attend regularly because he feels like he can't be accepted "as-is" and there have also been a lot of false judgments made about people he cares deeply for and that has stained his impression of how they conduct themselves.) But the girls were really nice and I got to talk with them about Child Share and some other volunteer work that I do. They also stopped by and invited us to some halloween thing.

Weekly Spending:
You'll notice some work expenses on here... They were for my planning meeting and I got my $$ back for them already.
October 16th:
  • Fresh & Easy: $41.05
  • Party City (Work): $71.94
  • Hardware Store: $2.46
  • Walmart: $10.38 (Fix the running Toilet)
  • $20.00 ATM
  • Costco: Returned Water pick -$82.96... then spent: $113.73 on an electric toothbrush
  • Car Radio: $102
  • Electrical Tape: $0.73
  • Gas: $54.06
October 17:
October 18:
  • Target: $24.83 (Work)
  • Convenience store $4.24
October 19:
  • Sprouts: $6.65 (Work)
  • Sprint: $83.66
  • California Fish Grill: $22.60 (date night)
October 20:
October 21:
October 22:

  • Gasoline (SCB): $32.68

Work Updates:
I had 9 hours of overtime that I could cash out from some lifeguard in-service trainings at the beginning of the month, so we got an extra bit on my paycheck this week. This should help with SCB's work checks coming up since he missed a day with his back going out.

I also spent last Saturday at an 8 hour work event... and this Sunday i've got another 5 hour event to attend... Plus I also had a mid week evening meeting, but i'll just be getting additional vacation hours for these days instead of overtime. But i've been a busy bee. It finally sank in on Monday that I haven't had 2 days off in a row in almost forever and I know I'm going to need to take a random health and sanity days soon. In November SCB's family is coming to visit so I think i'll take the Friday and Monday off that they will be in town for! Then i'll take some time off in December since we are planning Christmas in Utah... oh and then one of my bridesmaid (the one from Utah, SCB's best friends who are married) are expecting and she texted me to tell me she was going to plan a baby shower in February and wanted to know if I could make it out there and I replied with an enthusiastic YES! So at least I have some good trips coming up to clear my mind :) I just need to make sure I set aside some travel money (please be large mr. tax return)  :)

SCB missed a day of work because of his back and then he did one day on modified labor... He went in on Saturday and got looked at again and he was cleared to go back to normal work again on Monday.

Money Goals:

  • Roth IRA $1.00/$5,000.00 $4,999.00 to go :(
  • Dentist: $2,636.55/$2,868.00 Only $231.45 to go! :)
  • Christmas Fund: $400.47

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