Monday, October 24, 2011

Kiva Updates (October 2011)

Kiva is an awesome micro-lending group that allows people all over the world to give a helping hand and allow people to better their lives. I love it because its a hand up and not a hand out. To date I've taken the same $150 and turned it into $675 by re-lending it out once a loan was repaid.

New Loans:

This solidarity group is made up of three members who are dedicated to different economic activities. They live in the Las Delicias community in the town of Trojes. Doña Santos Ancelma is the coordinator of the group. She is 59 years old and has 10 children. She is a committed and friendly person. All of her children are adults and married. They help her financially, but Doña Santos doesn't like to feel like she is a burden. For this reason, several years ago, she started selling general grocery products and this has allowed her to support herself without any problems. She tends her store by herself and works from 6:00 am until 8:00 pm to receive deliveries for her business. To purchase other products she has to go to the market. Doña Santos Ancelma is requesting a loan to buy basic grains, dairy products, meats, pastas, vegetables, fruits, soft drinks, juices, bread, churros, butter, soap and other products. With the help of this loan her store will be better stocked and her customers will have more products to choose from.  Her goal is to keep her business going. Her fellow group members are Iris Antonia, who sells donuts and nacatamales [Nicaraguan tamales] and Santos Tomas, who sells pork.  This is her sixth loan with FAMA and she expects to make her payments on time.

Diamante Group:
Repayment Term: 9 Months
Location: Honduras
What its for: To stock her store with grains, food, and other materials.

Current Loans:

Juan Fidel Velasquez Lopez
Repayment Term: 20 Months
Location: Guatemala
What its for: Tailoring Supplies
Amount Paid Back: $0.00

Shamshad Samuael Masih's Group
Repayment Term: 13 Months
Location: Pakistan
What its for: Buy Goats for animal sales business
Amount Paid Back: $20.59

Paid Back Loans:

Atim Irene's Group
Location: Uganda
What it was for: To buy supplies for a medical clinic in bulk to lower the cost.

Eal Nub
Location: Cambodia
What it was for: To purchase the stall she rents in the market each month.

Karla Vanessa Montiel Barahona
Location: Nicaragua
What it was for: To tile the floor of her home that she and her 3 kids live in.

Rashidat Mumuni
Location: Nigeria
What it was for: Purchase more cartons of fish to sell. 

Seccelambras Group
Location: Peru
What it was for: helped the group buy grocery products and other merchandise for sale.

Dustmatov Eralboy
Location: Tajikistan
What it was for: a pedigree bull.

Paz Y Amor Group
Location: Dominican Republic
What it was for: Purchase products for her business (Fruits and Vegetables)

Mobateli Plus Group
Location: The Democratic Republic of the Congo
What it was for: purchase bags to pack clean water for sale.

Elizabeth Aidoo
Location: Ghana
What it was for: To buy Yams in bulk for sale. 

Zenaida Daing
Location: Philippines
What it was for: purchase a sprayer and 2 bags of certified seeds for growing rice.

Altantyya Lhasuren
Location: Mongolia
What it was for: To purchase meat to sell in her business.

Fight for Progress Group
Location: Sierra Leone
What it was for: to buy palm oil, rice, and oranges in bulk for sale. 

Siguikadi Group
Location: Mali
What it was for: to buy shea butter and plastic bins for their business. 

Obama Group
Location: Tanzania
What it was for: to sell water, juice, and sodas wholesale. 

Lyunge Group
Location: Burundi
What it was for: To purchase beans to sell to her customers. 

La Esperanza Group
Location: Paraguay
What it was for: to buy materials such as sugar cane, flour, sugar, and coal. 

Gbawulu Group
Location: Liberia
What it was for: To buy cement to make blocks. 

Hawa Gull Group
Location: Liberia
What it was for: to buy bags of rice, onions, peppers, palm oil, and beans. 

Mamile Orozalieva's Group
Location: Kyrgystan
What it was for: to purchase more cattle for breeding

Olga Francisca Cano Romero
Location: Ecuador
What it was for: To buy fabric, down, thread, fasteners, ect for her business

Janet Ajubyi Ayieko
Location: Kenya
What it was for: to open another 2 stores in town to sell her goods. 

Flores De Dolores
Location: Mexico
What it was for: to buy shawls to sell in nearby towns. 

Jose Elias
Location: El Salvador
What it was for: To install electricity in his business premises.  

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