Friday, October 21, 2011

Dental Update:

cause you can't frown and show you teeth at the same
Don't let that smile fool you... the dental battle still rages on.  See Horrendously over charged part 1 and Part 2 for the whole story.

SCB ventured to the dentist last Saturday and had his permanent work finished on the top of his mouth. The dental office is claiming that the thing they put into his mouth is coded the same was as a Veneer and so that's why the veneer description posts on our account....  all I can say to that is that we will see when the insurance company contacts us back.

We did get some papers in the mail regarding filing our complaint, (that it had been assigned to a worker), but that's it so far. I tried calling this afternoon, but they are in a different time zone so the quality management coordinator wasn't there. I'll have to try back tomorrow. When I called the main line the insurance rep told me she couldn't discuss the case with me since it had already been assigned to a supervisor.

I also received my EOB statement in the mail and it shows that I have a $75 credit just sitting on my account from back in December of 2007. When I called the dentist, they told me it was an "error" and their computers show I was charged a $75 service for more "medications" but that's not printed on my EOB... it just says they OWE me $75.00. I checked way back in my blog archives and I didn't blog about any dental fees I incurred sans the $300 cleaning in January of 2007 so it seems kind of funny to me... especially since they can't actually print that out from their computer screens.

I also think its funny how all my disputed charges are coming from "medications" they claimed I had... and despite all those years of having my wrong insurance on file that i'm not owed a dime... its just really fishy to me.

And speaking of fishy, when SCB went in last Saturday he didn't have them do his deep cleaning because they wanted to charge him an additional $400 for "medications" to kill bacteria while they did the cleaning. He told them he wouldn't get the deep cleaning done until we figured out the billing issues. He just started using an electric tooth brush at home and once we get this mess sorted out with the insurance company he will go in for his bottom mouth fillings (most likely with a different dentist!!!!!) and we will see what they say about needing a deep cleaning. But again, I find it ironic how he didn't need "medications" before they had our correct insurance on file... and now he does... (and it makes the cost around $400 again). When I was charged for my deep cleaning the first time (and apparently those same "medications" because the cleaning was "free") I was only charged $300.00.

So, I guess its back to the phones tomorrow.......

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  1. Ughhh I'm so sorry about all of this hassle! I would not go back there.