Thursday, October 20, 2011

Work Injury

SCB's back has been hurting him recently while working and after work when he's been just sitting at home lounging around.

When he was working yesterday, he actually went up to his boss and asked if he could just leave early because his back was hurting him. 

His boss instead sent him to get looked at, at the company doctors. They took some xrays and had him lay on his side a few different ways. 

Then the doctor told him that the images showed something was wrong and he was guessing that his back was having spasms. 

They gave him some anti-inflammatory medication and some muscle relaxants as well (hubby passed on the pain meds). He's not supposed to life more than 20lbs for the rest of the week and he has to go in on Saturday to get re-examined.

What's scary is that SCB told me this wasn't even really that painful of a day for him. He was really just wanting to leave a bit early and get some extra rest at home since his back was kind of bothering him and he didn't want to do the last delivery of the day because he thought if he carried MORE he would feel like he over did it himself... Essentially he didn't know his back was having spasms when it was because he just called that normal work aches and pains.

I'm really glad he said something because the doctor found something wrong with him. I would have hated for them to examine him to show that he was fine and fit as a fiddle because then his company would see him as a lazy guy trying to leave early or get out of a gig... 

Instead they saw an employee who mention a bit of pain and got it checked out and was proven correct by the doctor so now he can take a lighter work load and heal properly without costing the company a huge disability/injury on the job kind of situation later down the line.

He will still be able to unload window frames and work in the shop area at work, he just can't have overtime when he's flagged as injured so they will need to make sure he gets back on time from any deliveries he does make the rest of the week.

Here's hoping the pain and the spasms go away by Saturday and he gets a clean bill of health. I hope nothing is seriously wrong, but I kind of feel like a bad wife... He was talking about being sore from work and I thought he was just trying to get out of chores around the house so I didn't really take him all that seriously about it...   

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