Friday, June 14, 2013

Welcome Roxy

Me listening intensely about
dog food in pet smart...
For the past few months SCB and I have been thinking about getting a dog... and since we don't have to worry about paying the mortgage this month... I started hitting up the local shelters...

and then we went looking together...

and then we met Roxy...

and then Roxy came home with us...

and we have been happier ever since!

She is our new almost 3 year old Australian Shepard mix (mixed with what we don't know), but she's about 20 lbs and slightly over weight for her size. We are hoping regular walks will help slim her down to her healthier weight... but oh man is she a love bug.

She just wants to be petted 24-7 and loves to just hang out with us on the couch. We haven't gotten her to play with any toys yet, but she's great on a leash so far and has been a welcome addition to our little family.

Welcome Home Roxy!

Since this is a personal finance blog, here's the details on Roxy.

She was originally adopted from a shelter when she was 6 months old... but 18 months later, they brought her back because their kids had severe allergic reactions they couldn't live with any longer. She's house trained, smart, does well on a leash, and seems to like people and kids. She's a little shy but she warmed up to SCB and wags her tail at him all the time.

To take Roxy from the shelter: $165.95

  • Adoption Fee: $88
  • Lica: $24
  • Micro-Chip re-set: $3.50
  • Shots and medical terminology (Dhpp-bord, Advantix, Drabies, Drontal): $10.00, 11.25, 9.00, 17.50
  • and a really cheap rope leash: $2.50
  • tax: $0.20

Then we went to Pet Smart for essentials and spent $102.86 on
  • Bone tag id, Harness, Collar, Milk Bones, 3 Dog toys, Water Bowl/Dish, Leash, Small bag of Dog Food, and a good dog brush.
We probably could have gotten a few things cheaper else where... but the perks of Pet Smart is you can take your pet in there and let them smell things.

The next day we went to walmart and got her a pop up kennel and a bed liner for her ($36.43). We have our house sitting this weekend and next week (we talked with them about bringing Roxy since she was a last minute addition and they are fine with it) so we wanted her to have a travel bed/place that feels hers regardless of where she's at.

All in all, Roxy cost us $305.24 in about 24 hours. She gets a free vet visit-- we just need to book an appointment at one of the places on their list.

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  1. She's so cute! Congrats on your new addition. I'm sure she will bring you much happiness.