Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Doggie Checkup

So Roxy and I went to the neighborhood vet for her free check-up... which ended up costing me $215.54 in the end. While the check up was free, the tests were not.

They wanted to test her poop for any "worms" and pests ($49.75) since she came from a shelter that's kind of got a wrap for being over loaded and they sometimes put more than one dog in each pen... and in order to put her on a once a month flee and heart-worm preventative medication, we would have to have her checked out for heart-worm too ($43.75).

Those two weren't so bad... and I knew we would have to spend some kind of money there for tests (my two friends that work at places like that told me so).-- They also agreed to come over to teach me how to brush her teeth and clip her nails so we won't have to pay grooming costs if we don't want to.

The $122.04 was for 6 month supply of a flee/heart-worm pills. Apparently flees are becoming immune to the droplet "Advantix" flee killer and its generics (plus apparently you can't wash your dog before and after applying it for a week to make sure there are enough natural oils to make it work so that means at best you can only wash your dog every 2 weeks). Normally Heart-worm wouldn't be an issue in my area, but after Hurricane Katrina, about 800 animals came into our area when they were sent all over the states to find new homes for them, and heart-worm is now becoming an issue again. It's apparently way easy to prevent and a heck of a lot of money to treat. So since we were going to go with the once a month pill for the flees, for a few dollars more they could give us the combo pill that included both flee and heart-worm so we are going to try that.

My poor little love bug was really freaked out by the doggie nurses (she liked the doctor fine) that when the nurses took her in the back for her "poop" sample, Roxy nipped one of them.

But other than that, she's been an angel and she's learning really well and I can't imagine life without her anymore...

and if you haven't guessed, she's more like my dog that SCB's. She likes me better since i feed her, brush her, and take her for walks. He's jealous that she follows me around and when given a choice, chooses me over him.


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