Friday, October 14, 2011

Open Enrollment Time!

It's October... and that means its open enrollment time at work... and a lot of decisions need to be made in regards to our health insurance.

Right now, SCB is on his parents plan... and they have been graciously paying the $82 a month premium for us. But that's changing come January since we need to add my hubby on during open enrollment since he will age out in April of 2012 and that won't be a "qualifying event" to allow us to add him on. We will be loosing $162.50 a paycheck, on top of any out of pocket costs since I will no longer be able to cash out any excess benefits.

Last year's (2011) rates for 2 people on a Kaiser was $955.90 a month and Dental was $33.25. My Employer gives us $912 a month towards benefits, so we would have been paying out of pocket $77.15 a month if we would have added him on to the plan (on top of loosing $162.50 a paycheck).

Sadly though, as with everything else in this economy, insurance prices have increased and benefits still say the same.... which means its going to be an even larger hit to us.

For 2012, 2 people on Kaiser is going to cost us $1,025.52... Dental $34.35. Looks like we will be out of pocket $147.87 a month (besides the $162.50 a check).

Essentially Kaiser went up 7.28%... Dental went up 3.30%

But not all is bad. We are finally getting merit increases come January to help offset some larger pension contributions that go into effect at the same time... so a little silver lining is going to hopefully keep my paycheck a bit larger :)


  1. Any chance you could talk your employer into upping their contribution by 7% too? Or maybe split the difference with them?

  2. I wish I could... but it doesn't work that way. Every employee gets the same amount of money every year for "benefits" regardless of what everything costs.

    I'm really fortunate to have them cover the majority of it and offer us the money to pay for the majority of it (or all of it if my spouse has health insurance elsewhere) so I can't really complain at this point. Most people would kill for the coverage we have and paying only $147.87 for health insurance and dental isn't that bad...

    I'm just used to not paying a dime for it... and getting an extra $325 a month.

  3. You are right, you are v. fortunate, most especially with the dental. Hardly anyone I know has that.
    You have been doing well and now, with both of you working and watching $ efficiently I am sure the next year will be great financially for you.
    Just avoid that toxic sister.

  4. SCG I just reread your life story and I think you should take a moment to look at it again. You are doing very, very well especially when you see/read how you started out.
    Please continue to feel proud of yourself and the new life with K.
    Your sister deserves no part of your life.