Sunday, October 16, 2011

Weekly Updates (Spending & Money Goals)

Weekly Re-Cap:
SCB lost a temporary filling the other day. He found out after when he tried to eat cereal before work (not a real pleasant experience). He had to call in to work and his boss was really nice about giving him the day off to get it fixed. He went to the dentist and they quickly fixed it (Same place but a different dentist this time and they didn't make him sign a thing or anything. He literally walked in and they fixed it instantaneously.)

Just to be on the safe side since he already lost one temporary filling we are going to have him go in as planned on Saturday to finish the work. Someone from the insurance office called and said it would take 30 days to process our request at a minimum and we don't want to hold out for that long. It might mean we get stuck with the bill but we can just keep fighting them with the insurance company.

We also started Christmas shopping. My husband's family draws names for gifts (well, among his brothers at least since the hubby is one of 5), so we get to shop for his second eldest brother this year. He's working on his Doctorate and teaching at a University so of course he sent us a list of video games he wants and told us to find them the cheapest way possible used or new since a lot of them you can't find anymore except online or at Game Stop's "Used" section. We found 4 that made the list. This means we only have to shop for his dad and that means tools of some kind for his wood working hobby so we will pick those out when we get to Utah.

I also thought we were doing good about not spending money... but apparently SCB missed that... and even when I slaved in the kitchen and made him homemade pizza bread to take with him for lunch he still ended up debit card swiping at a fast food joint. :(

Weekly Spending:
October 9th:
  • Fresh & Easy: $41.27 (I lost the Receipt... oops)
  • Christmas Shopping: $63.53
  • Birthday Card: $2.14
  • Birthday flowers: $4.30
  • Cash for Birthday luncheon: $80.00
October 10th:
October 11th:
  • Work Gloves: $10.74
October 12th:
  • Fast Food... $7.84
October 13th:
  • Fast Food... $2.14
October 14th:
October 15th:
  • $70 Charity- ACS
  • Chipotle: $9.37
Money Goals:
Roth IRA: $0.00 / $5,000.00
  • 0% there...
Dental bill: $1,746.55 / $2,828.00
  • 61% there...

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