Monday, October 17, 2011

Changing your last name causes problems...

yup, from our wedding :)
I still have a lot of places to contact about changing my last name... but I've been slowly doing them one at a time since there always seems to be issues.

In the land of the good news, I got my new SS Card and I gott my title in the mail yesterday... but my new drivers licence photo isn't that fabulous... (& my old one rocked)....

I've gone through the hoops at BOFA and I've got my new Credit card... and my checkbook... but not my new debit card. For some reason that hasn't come yet and I really want it to... plus i'm still waiting for my mortgage to change over.

I also had to contact State Farm to change my homeowners insurance (so I could change my name on my mortgage), and apparently they haven't gotten around to changing my last name on my auto insurance policy... so I got 2 bills in the mail this week... Both saying I lost my multi-policy discount. One for $18.14... the other for $27.32. When I called they acknowledged the mistake on their end and told me not to pay the bill for now... but apparently their office is "back logged" and requests are taking a while to process. I'll have to call them back the first week in November to make sure its done so I don't get a mark on my credit history for not paying a bill on time. Which is just stupid.

I also need to go through and call and cancel a bunch of credit cards or change my name on them... plus more banks and other financial places... I can only handle doing so much at a time.

Social Security Office
Sallie Mae
State Farm
Retirement Accounts
Electric Company
Cell phone Company
Internet Company
Credit Cards


  1. Why not just take an afternoon and knock them all out? Seems more efficient.

  2. I find it interesting that you changed your name, I did but that was decades ago. The young ones I know are not doing that. Perhaps you have gained a "nicer" name!

  3. I think everyone should read your life story, it is a wonderful and inspiring one. Then they should look at the happiness radiating out of your face in the wedding photo.
    Please do this yourself if you ever feel down, I am certain you will feel lifted!

  4. I'd take a day off and do them all... but i'm horrible on the follow through... took me a week and a half to actually scan my marriage document to send it to the email address sallie mae gave me...

    as for my name change, I really wanted a new one (not cause my old one stunk or I got a new one) but because I was starting a new portion of my life and it was something I could tangible remove and it was a way of dropping some of the baggage of my youth.