Friday, September 30, 2011

How I spent my Wednesday Night... (With Sprint & Bofa)

Apparently my "open thank you letter" to Sprint awhile ago was a little hasty on my part. We were supposed to get $175.00 credit on our account after 61 days of use for transferring my number from one cell provider to another one.The standard promotion was for $125.00 but the Rep at the store was going to give us an additional $50.00 to seal the deal...

Only that hasn't happened. I called up the guy who sold us our phones before the honeymoon and he remembered us and apologized for the full credit not processing through and told us it would be all fixed up by the end of business on the Monday we were leaving. We came back Friday and the credit wasn't fixed. I called again and he told me it would be fixed the next day... It wasn't. I called again and he told me he'd call me tomorrow.... and didn't return my call.

So I then called the store I bought my phone from and somehow got transferred to Corporate Sprint where I explained the whole story to an employee and asked nicely for my credit since I'd already made 3 or 4 phone calls about it trying to get the issue resolved already. I even offered to email him the handwritten card and everything so he could verify with the sales guy that they made the promise and so my credit could be posted.

But he couldn't and before I could say otherwise he transferred me to a supervisor... an "escalation supervisor" in fact... who was located in Kansas... I tried calling a building 3 cities over and somehow i'm now speaking with someone in Kansas? (and I wasn't yelling or getting angry so why did I need the escalation supervisor?)

Any who, the "escalation supervisor" very nicely told me that he couldn't do squat until the store made some notation to my account that an additional credit was promised because the Corporate Sprint could not uphold a store promise... even if I emailed him the business card that the clerk wrote everything on... :(

30 minuets of my life wasted... and no credit to speak of...

So I called and left a message for the sales rep AGAIN... and tried the store again (with the proper directions from the supervisor on how to not accidentally get sent to the corporate account problem solvers.)

So then I spent 6 mins explaining my story to another gal who told me by 5:30 she'd have the notation in the account memo box so i could then call Corporate Sprint back and ask for my Supervisor from Kansas so then he could credit my account...

So I killed the hour or so by doing other chores. First I called Bofa's mortgage line. Right before we went on the cruise we got a check from Bofa saying I was getting $70 back from overpaying my closing costs... yup, from the condo I bought 2 years ago. (They are just getting around to this now????)

So I decided to call down to make sure it wasn't some scam or a mistake that would one day come to haunt me as BofA showed up to take my house from me because I took $70 from them and lost a paper saying I needed to repay the amount plus interest ASAP or they would take my home..... (yup, vivid imagination)

So I called and the gal told me it normally took that long to refund any over payments that occurred during closing so the money is actually ours!! (Woot!) It's going to pay for my new kitchen door we just picked up before we went on our honeymoon (AKA, my 2 year homeowner present to myself). But that's all for another post.

While I was on the phone with her, I asked how I changed my name on my mortgage statements and forms. Apparently I need to send them a lot of things:

  1. A copy of my new homeowners insurance with my new name on it...
  2. Photocopy of my new SS Card.
  3. A copy of my marriage cert. 
But then she told me that i could just bring my SS Card and my Marriage Cert to the bank and they could change it there... which seemed easy since I didn't have a copy of my homeowners insurance in my new name. She then told me I qualified for a rewards mortgage credit card that gave cash back (1% everything, 2% cash back, and 3% gas)... and it automatically went to pay down the balance on my mortgage. Which is something I'd actually consider getting... or I could just take the CC rewards checks I get and apply them to the mortgage myself.... but its just so much easier to spend money when its cash. (so maybe?)

But I must say that, that 17 minuet phone call that was far more efficient then all my calls to Sprint combined.

At this point the hubby came home so I dragged him down to BofA and we decided to cash a few checks... and change my name. We took down:

  1. My husband's paycheck from 2 weeks ago
  2. The $70 refund check from my closing costs...
  3. My first check with my new last name (a $23 gas rebate check from work)
  4. My SS Card
  5. and the marriage cert.
We got my name changed on my checking account and while we were there we also changed my credit card that's through Bofa (the one I never use), but we couldn't change my mortgage account... Apparently I now need to bring a copy of my homeowners insurance in my new name.... (guess I get to do that later when the insurance office is open.)

We got home, I watered my plants and then called back Sprint's corporate line... spent 9 mins of the phone and BINGO. $50 credit towards next month's cell phone bill.

Yeah for leftover dinner nights. I couldn't imagine cooking a full meal after that.

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