Sunday, October 2, 2011

Weekly Updates (Spending/Groceries, Job updates, & Money Goals)

The hubby before he remembered
that he had fun money. 
Weekly Spending-ish
As I mentioned, I've been trying to sort through our finances since we got back from the cruise last Friday and it's a mess... Thankfully all the money has been earned and deposited so in a matter of days all the bills will be paid and we can get a good idea of how much is left to either A) Toss at the Roth IRA, or B) put towards the Dentist Visit SCB has coming up. But onto weekly updates.

We signed up to volunteer at Child Share's annual Gala awhile ago, so the day after we got back we had to dress to the nines in our formal finest. (Hubby got to wear what he wore to our wedding again and I repeated a dress from my high school winter formal--ya, it fit still but only because it was a dress I had bought during a more chubbier period and now I know about spanks). I've also apparently lost my curling iorn since I moved into my condo 2 years ago. This is where it's awesome to have a husband. While I was trying to pin up an amazing up do, SCB went to the store and picked me up a curling iorn so I could finish my hair. (Sadly though, I'm a bit bitter I forgot to take a pictures before I took the thing out cause it rocked!). We had a great time working the event. SCB was working in the silent auction room so he was allowed to bid throughout the evening and we ended up winning  my entry fee into the LA Marathon, 2 sweatshirts, a pair of running pants, and a water bottle for $100! Considering the entry fee $145 alone I was a happy camper.

After my night of marathon phone calls on Wednesday, I finally started getting on track and tackling some of the long items on my to-do list. I still have a few more phone calls to make... but for now it's nice to breathe and have most of my billing people calling me by my new last name.

Since the money's been a bit off, I won't be posting a spending recap of a break down of the past 2 weeks.

Job and Work Updates:
I'm going to be having a busy week coming up (and some overtime!), but my first week back from Vacation wasn't nearly as bad as it could have been. I'm still a bit behind on a few things, but as September ended, so did a lot of the summer chaos and now we switch things up as fall approaches and hopefully things will get back on track. We were supposed to be getting another co-worker back from medical leave for next week, but its been delayed for another 2 weeks or so.

While my husband's paycheck still isn't all set up the way we would like it to be, we are just glad he's getting one. 2 of his co-workers are planning on quitting and one is still on medical leave. We also figured out how his employer calculated overtime. Anything over 8 hours in a day is overtime... if he works 6 days a week and only 8 hours a day, he doesn't get time and a half for the other 8 hours he works, just base pay. But its good to know to see if its worth him going up there for 3 hours or so on his day off.

Money Goals:
Despite our inability to keep track of what we did and didn't spend this month, we came out all right in the end.

  • Operation Roth Ira: $900.00/$5,000.00 $16% there. 
  • Travel Fund: $0.00 
  • Child Share Giving: $84.00 (after the silent auction money)
  • General Giving: $185.70

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