Monday, June 6, 2011

Monday Link Love 6/6/09


Now for a little Monday Link Love:

  • The Thousandaire brought up an interesting debate about how far some people would go to get college cheaper... They even have site to help you?!?!?!!?!?And this is just a fantastic video from Kevin. It's on his website as well, but I linked his You Tube page so you don't have to search for it. 
  • One of my new favorite blogs, Afford Anything had 2 awesome posts that I discovered this week Investing in a home (man I wish I had her hubbys mad assessment skills!!!) and A Tree fell on our house last night....
  • Bank of America got foreclosed upon... This is just fantastic justice for anyone who is having to deal with them. I'm hoping that once my fiance has a stable job we will be able to pay down our mortgage to refi somewhere else because I dislike BOFA and I hate paying them my interest each month.
  • I just have to give props to this post from Retire By 40 . They are taking the time to "test run" early retirement for 3 months by attempting to live on one income with a newborn baby. I love how they are using this time to test run... Just awesome
  • and finally, Prairie Ecothrifter gave us a post about being slow and steady so you don't set yourself up for failure. 

Top Referring Sites for the week:

  1. Ndchicsents (48)
  2. South County Girl (47) this blog...
  3. Google (26)
  4. Not MSN Money (Proboards group!) (10)
  5. Yahoo (7)
  6. Angieandchalie (6)
  7. Ambellamy (4) -My old web address for this blog
  8. knsfinancial (3)

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