Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A trip to Michaels... =)

$49 at David's Bridal
So my amazing bridesmaid and I hit Michael's on Memorial day for some much needed girl time... and necessary bonding time with the hot glue gun. 
We were on a mission to make some nice elegant flower pins for the wedding since I refused to pay $200 for a veil... and over $100 for a simple flower clip. The picture on the side was going to $49 for a tiny flower attached to a bobby pin.  There was no way I was going to pay for that. 
Instead I bought a $20 blusher that I can attach to the back to have a simple veil for the ceremony... if I want one... BUT I KNOW I want to have some flowers in my hair since i'm getting it done professionally for Free as a wedding gift. 
So we were on a mission to make awesome flower hair pins for not only me.... but for the whole wedding party as well... 

My Bridesmaid with the glue gun!
and we did... for $23.98
We hit a small beauty supply store and picked up 100 wide bobbi pins (for $2.16). My bridesmaid already had a hot glue gun at home so all we needed were Flowers. We wanted to get good quality ones that looked great so we weren't hitting the clearance bins. We ended up buying 4 different types (3 for me to use and decided on, and one type for the bridal party). Before we checked out I found a Jo-Ann's coupon on the floor for 40% off any item. Michael's now matches and accepts competitors coupons so I was able to save $3.20 for just picking something up off the ground. The lot of fake flowers set us back $21.82 
So we got to work and thanked Henry Ford for the invention of the assembly line. As I pulled and shaped the flowers together, my bridesmaid glued everything (she is the master of the glue gun folks) and we covered her whole counter top with a variety of different flower pins so I can bring them all to the hair run through to see what works best with the style I pick out. 

So here are my choices for the wedding: (which look nicer than the David's Bridal ones if I do say so myself...)


We also made a bunch of pink little flowers and bunched them on singles, doubles, and triples for the bridal party... but I couldn't get a good shot of them. We also made some white one that had a tinge of yellow in them but after we made them we figured they were more casual so now I've been wearing those in my hair each day to work...

Which ones do you think I should wear? We are torn between me being all in white or if we should use the orchids because they have a bit of pink in them and the flowers in my bouquet are pink (the bridal party is wearing blue dresses though.)

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  1. I like the first ones. They are simple but beautiful, and I love the pearl in the middle.

    My vote would be for just flowers, then orchids, then flowers and leaves.

    Or maybe half and half - some just flowers and some with leaves?

    I am sure that whatever you choose you will be beautiful.