Thursday, June 2, 2011

How we are paying for the rest of the wedding

Since we changed our wedding venue, we need to come up with an additional $1,578.75... and this is how we are doing it...

First off, we saved $200 we had already committed to spending when we cut our DJ from our original package. Sure, it would be really nice to have him, but this is something we can compromise on so we can have the venue... (and it also means we don't have to pay an additional $250 for a dance floor-- which is required if we have a DJ). This brings the amount down to: -$1,378.75.
My "grandma" from church has decided that she would like to throw me a bridal shower... and is refusing to let me put any money towards it.. or help... period. I had originally set aside $200 to help shower costs so we are diverting this money to the wedding. This brings us down to -$1,178.75 
We are going to reduce our BOFA checking account padding permanently by $200 since I moved all of our spending last month to ING Direct. We were keeping $1200 in BOFA as a short term EF, but keeping $1,000.00 in there is more than sufficient. (I also have $1,000.00 buffer at ING Direct.) Now we are down to: $-978.75

I had 4 hours of overtime on my paycheck at the end of may from the even I worked a few weeks ago... we had money in the budget we were planning on putting towards the wedding or the EF (so we add this to the wedding now), and we had the additional money from our church refusing to collect a monthly offering this month. All of this combined brings the total down to: -$762.33
We will temporarily be borrowing the remainder of this money from our padding at BOFA because I've already worked the hours to replace it:

  • I worked another Lifeguard training class at the end of May, so my first check in June will have 17 hours of overtime on it (about $290 more than normal after taxes) This makes what we owe drop down to $472.33
  • I'm also on the last few days of my 14 day straight work marathon (I picked up one shift on Sunday, and the Monday holiday) in addition to my normal work load this week.  Its a bit tricky, but my second paycheck In June will have 40 hours at my regular pay, plus 21 hours at time and a half, and then another 40 hour work week... So my second paycheck in June will have a LOT of extra money on it. After taxes and all my withholdings eat me alive, i'll take home an additional $364.00
This leaves us $108.33 short from re-filling out short term savings and we can work this into our budget this month so we will replenish the money by months end. 


  1. That's awesome that you're able to work it into what you already have. When the Boy is done with his debt, you will be able to replenish your funds.

  2. There is a lot be said for couples to not only plan their wedding, but pay for it too! The life lessons learned are invaluable.