Friday, June 3, 2011

Puppy Sitting, Computers, & Work

When I opened my email the other day I noticed I had a message from the people I occasionally house sit/puppy sit for... After a quick exchange back and forth it looks like I'll be spending Saturday-Monday afternoon laying out by the pool relaxing at their casa while I help take care of their two cute little doggies (my fiance's favorite type!) and earn a few bucks at the same time! 

The timing of this happy little retreat could not have come at a better time for me emotionally. For the past two weeks I've been working like a mad crazy woman: 17 hours of Overtime on one paycheck, 21 hours of overtime on another... all to continue to live the dream of paying for our wedding and a small honeymoon with cash. Our goal to start our marriage off on a clean slate, 100% debt free (minus the mortgage) may actually become a reality... My fiance, South County Boy, is working hard with part time jobs to pay down the little bit of debt that he has-- a personal loan to his parents for $1,500.00-- and he's half way there.
Saturday at 1:15pm marks the end of my marathon 14 day straight work week, and now the start of a nice relaxing weekend by the private pool and spa they have at the mansion. I expect this to do wonders to my sanity while padding our pocket book too. Definenetly a win win.
But its gets even better than the much needed rest and relaxation. Earlier this week, I alluded to the fact that SCB's computer was going to need some fixing.. After talking with his brother, it looks like we need $120 to order the parts so it stops crashing all the time... and the longer we hold off on fixing it, the worse the problem gets (because it could start frying other components inside the box too)... So we need to get this fixed rather quickly since my fiance's computer is his life outside of me.

We were planning on taking South County Boy's earnings this week to pay for the parts, but we weren't sure how much work he would get through Labor Ready because they were needing less and less people each day at the location he was assigned to. Our week started out a bit depressing.

He didn't get work on Monday because of the holiday so the business center was closed. He was told to "call in" about Tuesday. He showed up at Labor Ready at 5:00am and waited for the place to open up. When he inquired about his work shift, they told him that the manager thought it would be slow since it was the first day back from the holiday so he was going to just keep 2 guys instead of three and if you haven't guessed, South County Boy is guy number 3. He hung around Labor Ready to see if he could get lucky with a different gig, but it was a slow day all around for work. 

Later that day he got called that he would be needed for Wednesday (woot woot) and if the normal trend continued, he'd probably be working again on Thursday and be off again on Friday...  So we figured we have about $100 for the computer repairs from that...

But now that we know we will get some extra money from house/puppy sitting will will be able to get the parts this weekend so he can fix the computer now!
But it gets even better folks...

While South County Boy was working on Wednesday, the boss guy fired guy number 2 and is not planning on having him ever come back. Apparently he comes in late all the time and the manager was trying to be nice and work with the guy... but now he's fed up. Which means, (drum roll), that South County Boy is now guy #2... and will hopefully get work on Friday and not get as many half day shifts. They even asked him to stay a little later on Wednesday because guy #1 needed to leave a few minuets early to attend something with his family.

It seems we have been very blessed!
  • He gets a paycheck for every day he works.
  • The manager has mentioned to SCB that if he knows he needs a day off  for something and lets him know, he should be able to just get a replacement for him for the one day and invite him back for the next...
  • and he gets a free all you can eat lunch everyday (which now that we have tweaked our groceries and started balancing our meals better, should now work to our benefit!)


  1. That's great news. You should give yourself a pat on the back. You are both doing a great job. Also, SCB is very ambitious to be there at 5.

  2. Thanks ND Chick.

    He wants me to know that despite his record and being unable to get a stable job that he's committed to provide for his family financially