Wednesday, October 11, 2017


We got our windows installed today in the condo, and oh my what a difference! I can stand in the kitchen window and not feel like I need sun screen because the heat reflecting in was unbearable!



We had to tape up little dudes room last night so the morning sun and evening lights from the neighbors wouldn't keep him up. They looked the same as the ones in the living room, but without the paper they were not "lookers." We actually used moving paper we had left over that we saved. (We plan to use the rest of the roll for Christmas gifts with some yarn or twine ribbons :)


It's hard to take a good shot of a naked window with light, etc... but original windows from the 70s or 80s when the building was first put in.


I was given an arrival window of 8-10 am. At 9 am I received a call from Home depot to see if the installers had arrived. I told them they hadn't and by 9:40-9:45 they were onsite with the windows ready to go! I loved that I didn't have to call them to see what was going on and they came in the actual arrival window... huge kudos there. I'm already loving Home Depot!

Amazing awesome bonus.... When they removed our living room slider, ants when everywhere... The ants aren't the bonus, the team home depot sent is!!! Now, we have struggled with ants at our new home, have complained to the HOA (I have a petition in to the board to have the outside of our building inspected and for entry points to be sealed at their expense because spraying common areas isn't the problem when there are cracks in the foundation letting the evil critters in and multiple units in my building are having problems still and its fall.) So when the installers removed the old frame, ants crawled everywhere.... because they were living there... 

Instead of freaking out, the installer asked me if I happened to have any spray. When I presented him with a gallon container and an easy to use spray handle, he killed them all for me, sprayed into the outside area.... then cleaned them up, and kept processing the install once he had created a clean area for my windows to live in. 

AMAZING! I officially love Home Depot. Crew was polite and neat and did a good job.

When one of the windows wasn't sliding right, he spent 30 minutes insuring it rolled correctly and quietly before moving on to the next one. When I pointed out a few areas that needed some touch up caulk during our final walk through, they took care of it.

I can't wait to have home depot do our floors... Such a great experience!

We did receive a defective latch on one windows, so the installer contacted home depot and a rep insured me that they placed an order for replacement and that it would be approved by the manager and someone would contact me in 2-3 days to schedule for the new panel to be installed.

We paid a 10% deposit ($690.03) when we booked our window and slider replacement job, so we paid $6,210.27 at the completion of the job today. This quote was $1,000 cheaper than the private company that came by to quote the job and comes with a lifetime warranty. So if Little Man, Hubs, or another family member walks though a screen door again, they replace it for free, for life...

So happy!

For now, we are purchasing some double curtains rods off of Amazon with some Grey black out Curtains accompanied by white sheer curtains for the windows to cover them. We want to make sure we have enough funds in  our remodel budget to take care of the larger projects (Like flooring and air conditioning) before we consider the sliding door shutters that I installed in our old place. :) So $320.42 later, we will have things to cover our new windows for privacy :)

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