Thursday, January 19, 2017

Recipe Savers: Breakfast Burritos

Over the past 6 months we have dramatically reduced our grocery budget by shopping at Aldi... so much so, i'm going to share my secrets and tips in a new feature called Recipe Savers.

This recipe is actually my own concoction and is quickly becoming our breakfast go-to and morning time saver. I proudly present, Break Burritos!

Do you know, these FREEZE amazingly well... So much so that I make a batch of 30 at one time so I can freeze them and not worry about breakfast before work for 2 weeks!!!

So how much does it cost to make 30 breakfast burritos?
$19.47 at Aldi... that's $0.65 each

  • Eggs: $2.37 (Need three dozen, sold at $0.79 each) 
  • Sausage links: $2.85 (Need 3 packages of the frozen sausage links at $.095 each) 
  • Yellow Onions: $0.90 (I got 4 small ones for $.90) 
  • Cheese: $5.58 (Two, 1 lb blocks of colby jack, each $2.79)
  • Burrito Sized Tortillas: $4.47 (Three packages, each $1.49) 
  • Frozen hash browns: $3.30 (Need 2 packages, $1.65 each) 
  • Salt/Pepper: Too cheap to Count
This process does take some time, so I normally do these on a Saturday afternoon when the toddler takes a nap and is insanely easier since we have a food processor (It's worth its weight in gold). 
  1. Leave your tortillas out on the counter so they get room temp (less likely to tear this way) and start to cook the hash browns in batches while you prep other ingredients. Salt and place in a good sized bowl.* 
  2. Shred both blocks of cheese, set off to the side. (Food processor is your friend here. Just drop those chunks in with a shredder blade and bam... We end up with a little leftover cheese when all is said and done so cheese to your preference).
  3. Microwave sausage packets, then stick the links in the food processor to chop up. These should be put in a LARGE bowl (you will add the cooked eggs and the onion here too, so plan ahead and save on dishes).
  4. Once the sausage is out of the food processor, put the raw onion in and chop it up. Simmer onion on stove until just translucent. I use a little cooking spray and stir it around for a few minutes so they soften up. Then DRAIN the onion liquid. This is key to not have soggy burritos. Just take a couple paper towels and let the onion cool on them and pad them down before your dump them in with the sausage. 
  5. Grab your three dozen eggs and scramble them in batches, then mix with the onions and sausage. (Don't forget to keep swapping out the hash browns when you are waiting on the eggs). Since the hash browns take the longest, once I have the egg mixture done, i'll start stuffing the burritos while the last batch of the hash browns cook. 
  6. You should have three bowls now, Potatoes, Onion/Sausage/Egg, and cheese.
  7. Take tortilla, Put in a few spoonfuls of potatoes, few spoonfuls of Onion/Sausage/Egg, and sprinkle cheese... Then tuck and roll.
Notice the "narrow" end on the fold... By folding it with the wider side to you and a narrow closure on the side farthest from you,  it helps keep the insides, inside and prevents taring! Also, let your tortillas sit at room temp while cooking... makes them easier to fold and prevents rips.  

After we roll them, I wrap them in full sized parchment paper and freeze 6 to a gallon sized bag.

When you want to eat one, pull from freezer, unwrap and microwave 2 minute on high with a paper towel underneath... let cool a minute or so, then eat. We like to drop a little hot sauce on ours as we eat (that way they are plain for the toddler).

We actually re-use most of the parchment paper for the next batch too. We just have a little clip in our kitchen and we hang them there so the frozen/water crystals from the freezer can dry off... same goes with the zip locks. When they are empty, I dry them off and then tuck the parchment paper in there when its dry.

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