Monday, January 16, 2017

Retirement Contributions

Now that we have taken a look at the balances on our retirement accounts, it's time to talk numbers and percentages.

It used to be said if you put 10% away, you'd be fine in retirement... but now that traditional pensions are gone, people are living longer, and expenses seem to jump through the roof in old age, it's hard to really hone in on a number. Some experts say 15% others 20%... some count employer matches in the totals, others don't.

Since we are still trying to save money to move, we aren't 100% focused on retirement right now in all honesty, so our goal right now is to not leave free money on the table and aim for 10% if we cans swing it. Better something than nothing, right?

Averaged 7.8% of his salary pre-match; 10.8% with the match and was at 17% if you count in his social security contributions.

I'm rocking around 9.99% of my salary with my 457 and pension contributions... add in an employer match, and i'm at 11.79%... if I factor in my employer contributions to my pension plan it's 31.43% of my base salary... but I don't feel right adding in their almost $10k "contribution" because those funds don't go into my "cash out pot" ... but at the same time, that $10k helps fund my pension, so maybe I should?


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