Friday, January 20, 2017

CVS must love us...


I think we have spent more this month on over the counter cold remedies than the whole last half of 2016! Needless to say, runny noses, cold medications and chocolate (the last one might be my coping method since i'm the healthy one!) are keeping us going over here.

But this too shall pass.

I'm hoping to get a January budget together and up on the blog early next week that reflects the horrible evil $75 per paycheck ($150 a month) INCREASE our health insurance will be costing us for the exact same plan as last year.

It's really starting to get ridiculous. We have one of the cheaper options they offer too. My husband's work insurance is crap for basically the same money so were stuck. At least we finally like our doctor though.

The sad realization today is that even if I get a REALLY good annual review, it won't cover the difference of the increase in our premiums... I'd have to get nominated for employee of the year in order to actually increase my take home pay from last year...

Utah gets more and more tempting all the time...

I'm so grateful for Aldi and at least my new work site is closer to home, which means less gas! But enough sob stories of colds and shrinking paychecks... I leave you with the worlds largest teddy bear and a happy toddler

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