Monday, April 18, 2016

Week 2

I swear there are days were I don't think we would survive without Amazon prime, lol. The convenience factor alone has eliminated trips out to the store sans Walmart, Target (for diapers only), and Costco --especially since Sprouts will deliver to our door.

And that my friends is making this week 2 round of the 21 day fix so awesome. I didn't get enough produce and I like to sort and measure out my meals on Sunday and Monday so I don't have a mid week crisis and eat a whole loaf of bread or crackers... But I didn't order enough food for me and little dude and Sprouts delivery came to the rescue. God bless the $30 minimum order and free delivery! SCB is getting better about the healthy eating, so I just pad my weekly apple order and add a couple bananas and he eats whatever I put down for him for dinner so that's when I sneak his veggies in -- but I didn't calculate enough fruit to mix in with plain yogurt and snacks for little dude for the week.

Speaking of the #21dayfix, I'm already down 4 lbs after week 1 (I'm not going to measure inches until the final week, but i'm hoping by the end of this week i'll be able to knock off a 2 more lbs and hit the 160's again). Its been hard to do the meal prep and get the work outs in (I had a crazy week planned already), but I did it!

Little dude will be walking any day now. He walks besides us if we hold 1 of his hands and he's a total 1 finger surfer. A couple times he lets go, takes a step and grabs another part of the couch, so He's almost there.

SCB is getting busy at work with inventory so he's a bit more stressed than usual.... but were managing.

Got to keep this post short... little dude is attacking the dirty laundry basket in an effort to turn off my desk lights while I type. To keep him happy I have to keep pausing after every few words to hit the light switch back on so we can continue to play our little game.

Nap time will be food prep time so I can get the rest of my lunch bags set for the week.

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