Tuesday, April 12, 2016

21 day fix

It's been hard being over weight for a whole year while I pumped and worried more about making milk and less about myself. I'm really excited to make time for me now that little dude is a year old and i'm "free" of my pump!

I'm finally getting to tackle the 21 day fix I purchased a while ago. I'm on day two and while i'm totally out of shape, I'm loving the program, getting sweaty and feeling it!

I have 20 lbs gets me back to my "normal" ... 30 lbs gets me to my post college healthy weight ... 40 lbs gets me to fit... something I haven't seen since like high school I think...

I'm gonna have to do a few "rounds" to get there, but I'm in it for myself. (So much so that I told hubby to sign me up for a 10k in November at Disneyland for my birthday party this year.)

I'm hoping to break back into the 150's by mothers day (which is also my birthday this year)!

Anyone done the #21DayFix before? I found a great local coach (she actually trains at the rec center I work at so its nice to get face to face support if I need it). Any tips?

I'm not doing the whole Shakeology thing this time around so I won't be able to provide feedback on that but I'm motivated to be a healthy mom who can chase my soon to be walking toddler around!


  1. I've never done it, but I have several friends who love it and have had great results! Sticking with the nutrition plan is super important from what I've heard.

    1. Ya those yellow containers are "precious." Week one done and i'm plowing along still so that's a victory too.