Monday, April 25, 2016

Life and random updates

Things are pretty normal on our end.

I'm on my last week of the #21DayFix and little dude is as cute as ever. I'm glad i've been sticking with it. Clothes are fitting better, I've got more energy and the workouts are making me stronger! I think I might keep it up and do another round after because its really easy to make it a lifestyle change. After all, after 21 days its now a habit :)

Friday is hubs birthday and despite it being the big 3-0, we're not planning anything crazy... my birthday is the following week as well for the 3-0 (and also mothers day) so were just keeping things mellow since there's just so much going on.

SCB's mom will be in town for a lace class, were watching a friends kiddo, then there's batchelorette stuff and wedding stuff the following weekend that its just best to wait till things slow down so we can enjoy a little celebration.

On a sad note, my cat died... I got him when he was 1 or 2 from the shelter, but when I went off to college he became my mom's cat... He had a good 16 or 17 years but went horribly fast in a sudden stroke... My mom's really beat up about it, but she doesn't want a replacement animal.

In happier news, I am excited that we are planning something for our 5 year anniversary! We're going to go Zip lining! I'm a big fan of doing things instead of acquiring things, so i'm looking forward to seeing the sites! Hubs and I will play hookie on a Thursday in July, drop little dude off a daycare and have a day to ourselves with a little hiking, zip lining and lunch.

Speaking of lunch, little dudes favorite thing to do is thief your snack. Say you sit down with something to eat because he's happily playing and occupied... second he gets wind that your eating food, he's automatically interested (doesn't matter if he's just eaten too or if your munching on broccoli)... He just walks over and expects you to share... (and that smile of his just means you can't say no). Yesterday my husband had to keep feeding him noodles out of his pasta salad and I had to share some of my fruit and yogurt today.

We are also going to get our first night alone without Master Booger Bear when my friends wedding rolls around in late May. Unfortunately we won't be able to sleep in since we have to be back home by 10 am to pick him up, but well have a night to ourselves and breakfast without a toddler....

Our friends are being super awesome and are going to watch little dude since I'm a bridesmaid and its a late Sunday night wedding where no kids are allowed.

I'm also doing an online fundraiser for Relay For Life -- If you want to pick up anything from Thirty-One gifts, use the link below and 20% of your purchase goes to support the cause :)

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  1. OMG! Cutest baby EVER! You seem to be holding everything together pretty well as a new mom. You are rockin' it! Keep up the good work.