Monday, March 9, 2015

Profit Share...

With all the baby to do list items.... and just the excitement surrounding him and his eventual arrival, we totally forgot that March is South County Boy's profit share month.

Once a year, the profits from his job are divided among the employees and everyone gets a bonus check! We never plan for or count on profit share checks for our budget because there is the possibility that their store might not turn a profit for a few reasons... so its always an awesome blessing when it comes our way...

Especially since it was HUGE!!! Their store has been really busy the last year since another location close to them moved further away and they absorbed some of their clients.

So how big we talking?


Mind you most of that will end up with the tax man, but after tax withholding, 6% to his retirement account (with his 3% match) and tithing, we will have  $2,800.00 to spend!

What an awesome blessing with a baby on the way!

SCB and I were discussing what we will do with the check, and he said something really profound to me... He thanked me for budgeting and being thoughtful with our funds each month that profit share checks aren't something we NEED to survive, but can be a "bonus" for our family.

Sure, a lot will go to savings and such, but apparently a lot of his co-workers depend on the checks to get through the year... and it made me smile to realize how much my husband appreciates the time and effort that goes into our budget and finances each month. Makes me thankful for many things :)


  1. Holy smokes! What a blessing!

    1. Seriously! We may spend around $800 of it in total, but with our Emergency Fund stocked up, we might put $1,000 towards car repairs to have a nice buffer there, and depending on our insurance choice for the baby, maybe dump $1,000 towards retirement or something else... the possibilities feel endless :)

  2. What an amazing blessing. A reward from God for your faithfulness. Enjoy the security it brings!