Wednesday, March 11, 2015

More free Money!

We got our Costco Rewards AMX check in the mail to the tune of $296.84. We happily spent the money back at Costco marking our first 2 cart purchase of our married existence...

What did we buy?

We decided to stock up on some food... and easy to prepare/already prepped items to make transitioning from a family of 2 to a family of 3 easier come meal time... and a ton of disposable plates, cups, etc so we won't have to do dishes for a while with the new baby.

  • $114.16 on food and groceries...
    • Organic Natures Path Granola, 2 boxes of frozen chicken sandwiches, Fiber one granola bars, 1 box of frozen tilapia, organic ground beef, 2 jars of natural raspberry spread/Jam, 2 pack of chunky peanut butter, 2 pack of cooked chicken breast strips, double box of honeynut chex cereal, bananas, sharp cheddar block and a thing of California rolls for hubby's lunch that day.
  • $11.99 on OTC allergy pills
  • $169.13 on paper goods and once a year items.
    • Kitchen sponges, disposable cutlery, disposable bowls, 2 boxes of the gallon freezer sized zip-locks (8 total), 1 box of the quart sized freezer zip-locks (4 total), red solo cups, TP, Venus razors, deodorant 6 pack, disposable plates.
All of that was covered under our rebate check and we now have a full freezer of food for when the baby arrives and no dishes to worry about cleaning!

But that's not how we filled two Costco carts. We spent $287.16 of SCB profit share check getting the following:
  • 6 pack of canned air for computer cleaning: $19.10
  • Exrgen Temporal thermometer: $32.07
  • New office chair: $86.39
  • New Camera and Memory Card: $151.16
We wanted a simple camera before the baby arrived and since we have never actually purchased a chair for our computer desk, we found a really comfortable non leather one that breathes so you don't stick to it when its hot... and we can actually raise the arm rests and push the chair in and walk by it if the bed isn't up! I'm in love with it already and its made pregnancy more comfortable :)

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