Friday, March 13, 2015

I has the best co-workers ever :)

My co-workers gave me a baby shower for our little bundle last week and we are still standing in awe of their generosity.

Between the shower my sister through for me and the gifts and the gift cards from my work shower, we are basically all stocked up and ready to go with essentials and we still have $120 in gift cards for after he is here and we have a better idea of what he will need based on how delivery goes and if he is allergic or sensitive to certain things.

We didn't go crazy with every baby item out under the son, but we were able to get a few perk items that will make life so much easier for me during my maternity leave.

Other than paying for some items for our hospital bag and some nursing bras that we bought this month in a big trip to Walmart, we haven't had to spend a lot of money on our little one because there have been so many generous friends and family members who have blessed us with hand me downs and gifts...

Its such a wonderful feeling to know how well our baby is loved by everyone :) it's truly touching :)

We even saved 2 of the banners from the shower to hang in his room since they are Calvin and Hobbes :)

14 days to go.

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