Monday, March 16, 2015

Baby Room Tour :)

I've still got my glider in our bedroom and Eli has a swing and a rock n' play in the living room for the time being.... along with his changing table, but South County Boy finished up our little guys room! We saved some of the banners from my work baby shower to put up on his walls for the moment so they weren't so bare and uninviting.

He gets to rock the teddy bear bed sheets :)

We put up a little toy bag on the other wall, but we'll need
to space it out a bit more so they don't hang down so low.

View from the hall way :) his extra clothes
are all vacuum sealed under his bed by size
everything under 6 months is in his wardrobe.
We can also fit a clothes hamper on the
other side of his crib.

My hubby put in 2 corner shelves near the switches for his sound
machine and a couple of little decorations (including the cool
name his brother made for our son).
 11 days to go!

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