Friday, March 6, 2015

I'm so proud of him

Another short post, but I'm so proud of my husband that its worth a post all on its own...

Last night South County Boy sat down with me and took notes on how to access all of our financial accounts, pay all our bills, and understand when things happen throughout the month, when it comes to our finances...

He took notes... about money.... I could do a victory dance!

For those of you who don't know, this has been a goal of mine for some time with the baby coming (even before the baby) but especially because of the baby in case things don't go as planned and I'm out of the loop for a while...  but he took notes and feels like he could keep the system going for the short term if anything bad does happen.

I feel revealed :) Its hard to get my husband to focus for our 15 minute a month budget meeting so I didn't know how this was really going to go, but he powered through like a rock star!

and I finally packed most of my hospital bag for me and the baby... now just a list of a few things to pick up to make our stay more comfortable... and get hubby to pack his bag too!

21 days and counting ... you know... if he's on time and everything :)


  1. That is great! If feels good to be prepared for everything, doesn't it?

    1. It really does. This past Monday I didn't to any real meal prep (just dinner for that night) but spent the day cleaning the house and my mood is so much better because having a clean place just makes me feel more ready to spend a lot of time at home.