Friday, November 28, 2014

Eli gets a wardrobe!

 We headed back to Ikea this month... again...

I feel like we need to start buying stock in Ikea... Its like almost every available weekend we have we are roaming through that store.

Since Eli has some clothes and baby items, we decided it was time to get the last piece of furniture we would need for his room...

A wardrobe.

South County Boy wasn't thrilled by another trip on a Saturday... but once we got everything home he set to work like a champ.
 I honestly think he reads Ikea instructions fluently now... After our living room... and bedroom cabinets... and now Eli's wardrobe I'm convinced there is nothing he can't build.

 Inside close up of some of his hand me downs :)

and the full shot. It fits under the celing fan clearance and still gives us a few inches before the crib for ventilation. We may put some shelves or cabinets in there later down the line, but for now Eli's room is done.

One thing I love about Ikea is how you can customize things. We decided to blow an extra $5 and get two baskets for the wardrobe because they will come in handy when his clothes are small for extra diapers, etc... but we can take them out later when his stuff gets longer and he needs the extra space.

Trip Total: $222.44

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