Monday, December 1, 2014

Murphy Bed Installed!

South County Boy has been earning his keep most definitely. Our Murphy bed kit came in the mail and in a single evening he had it hooked up.

It came with all the basic tools you needed and included shipping for $499.00 for a queen sized frame.

I decided to sit on the floor and offer moral support and the occasional tool handing until I got too tired and curled up on our mattress in the living room to take a nap.Nothing is more enjoyable than sleeping by the Christmas tree. 

Like with Ikea, the directions are pretty helpful, but not bullet proof. A few pieces were put on the wrong way so he had to go back a few steps but I'm pretty sure if he ever had to take it apart and rebuild it, he'd be sitting pretty for sure.
 Roxy decided that since we were depriving her of her cave (aka, under the bed) that she would live under Eli's crib from now on. They are already best buddies!

Here's what it looks like pressed against the wall.... with just the frame. We stick our pillows on the top or the sides when the bed is up.

Our box spring is now built in so we won't need our old one.. and I actually sleep better on the frame then I did our old bed so that's a plus for me. There is a gap between the wall and the bed that we are still working out (so your pillows don't fall off the bed)... but i'm just sleeping lower because i'm short and can... SCB will probably figure out a temporary headboard he can shove in there eventually.

We went to Ikea yet again and bought some curtains to hang on a rod we picked up from Home Depot that we use to cover the bed during the day.

I'd take a better shot, but since our bed is lower now, Roxy likes to sleep there when we forget to put it up for the day and she's too cute to wake up and I'm a sucker.

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