Wednesday, November 26, 2014

So this happened

While South County Boy was dreaming of tool organizers and Christmas presents, our last trip to Home Depot was more about necessity. 
So no, he didn't get his dream tool holder and yes, I had to pry him away from it before he could try to convince me otherwise. He will just need to continue to dream about tool chests and drawers until we get an actual house.

So why were we at Home Depot?

Because our Microwave decided to crap out on us. 

I had the sucker for 5 years and then it just stopped working. 

Okay, so we had a little bit of a warning. It started making a funny noise periodically and we just figured the turn table motor was slowly dying on us... but then a week or so later, it went completely out on us. I was trying to heat up some water in the microwave when the lights just went out and it decided it was done.

This was also in the middle of the night and a Saturday... A coveted weekend where my husband might have time to fix it... So we hoped into the car and drove down there. After prying him away from the tool section, we went to appliances and conveniently our same exact microwave was on sale. 

This would mean SCB wouldn't have to install the mounts or cut any new holes in the kitchen to make the vent fit...

$117.71 with tax later, and we were out the door.

 Took him maybe 20 minutes to remove the old one and install the new one. We figured out why the old one broke too. The guys who installed it didn't actually install the vent correctly... so some tree debris jammed its way in there and blew out the motor... which was why the old one died. SCB still needs to put the duct tape on it, but it works...

Talk about a last minute way to blow $100...

Because we replaced the microwave, we'll be doing food storage next month.

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