Friday, October 24, 2014

Baby has a place to sleep...

Baby's room still needs paint and baseboards... and a rug and a baby gate... but it has a bed now... a FREE bed. I have to say I just really love my church community!

I was browsing through facebook, killing some time before the hubby left work and I was going to start to make dinner, and I saw a post from a mom from another ward in our local area. We have a few local facebook group pages and I saw that she was offering her pottery barn wood crib for free to anyone who wanted it...

Here's a stock picture of it from the Pottery Barn website:

I sent her a message and later that night we drove over to her home to get it. We managed to cram it into our Camry very carefully and now its in the living room laying against our couch until we can get the baby's room painted and finished.

Sure it has a couple marks on it, but we got it for free and South County Boy loves the wood color (its a bit lighter than this photo).

It is also a drop down crib... but I called the pottery barn hotline and they are sending me a free converter kit so we can properly keep the side up safely for our baby and not worry about any dangers... It might actually be nice since I'm so short to have the drop down option if we need it. I also like that we will be able to put some storage bins under the bed for extra diapers, etc.

I found this cute crib set on Amazon...
Even though we will know the gender in 10 days, I really like the bears and how its gender neutral so we could use it for baby number 2 in a couple years.

While we wouldn't need the "window valence" we are thinking or putting a shelf up on one side of the wall for some storage, and we could hang it in front on a dowel to hide whatever we put up there... Like outgrown clothes, or clothes the next size up, etc...

For about $70 we can buy a converter kit for the crib to make it into a toddler bed down the line as well from pottery barn.

I know Pottery barn cribs sometimes have difficultly with stock mattresses, a fact Google told me after we had it in the living room, but the gal we got it from used an Ethan Allen mattress that fit (not a pottery barn kids one), so I think the one I found on Amazon should fit as well.

Even though the glider doesn't fit in the baby's room, if I can sell South County Boy on the bears theme/idea, everything will match :)

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