Wednesday, October 22, 2014

A busy few days...

We've had a few busy days at home, at work and at church for us, so today is going to be a short one.

My husband and I both got new church "callings" (for those of you who don't know, our church is completely unpaid for all positions, and people are asked to volunteer in a "calling" to help the place function and provide programs to family and community members).

I used to help plan the monthly women's activity and accompany missionaries to meet people interested in our church if they needed a woman to attend (ie, meeting with a female who lived solo) or if they thought my comments would be welcome from time to time... My husband was an assistant weblows leader for Boy Scouts...

Now i've been called and set apart to serve as Primary Secretary. Its a big calling and since I'm not familiar with primary all yet since I didn't grow up in the church and I have yet met my cute little baby yet (yes, I think its already cute even though it hasn't moved yet), I have a lot of learning to do so my computer time has been spent on emails and doing some research to figure out what i'm supposed to be doing.

My husband has been asked to be our building PFR... We aren't 100% sure what that means outside of organizing the bi-monthly weekly Saturday cleaning days (there are two groups that meet in our building, so we organize our group to clean the building every other Saturday with volunteers from the church), and making sure the building is secure at night... So he gets training on this later this week.

I also didn't get to do much baking this week. Hubs was out sick on Monday with a piercing migraine and since Monday is my shopping, baking, cooking, prep day... not a whole lot got done and I have a bunch of late work meetings this week so we shall see how things pan out for our eating out budget... So far its under $200 but we still have about 10 days to go.... So its probably going over....

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