Friday, May 2, 2014

May Budget

Stitch needs a check up:
Since we weren't able to take my car into the shop last month because we spent over $900 to make SCB's car road worthy, we need to take my car into the shop for some hopefully just general maintenance.  I feel kind of tricked because we ended up paying almost a grand in car repairs and we wanted to save a grand for future car repairs as one of our savings goals... so now I feel like we have to do that goal twice... and take my car in to the shop... so this month, my car is going to just get a check up and we will revisit the whole car savings fund later this year.

I Want a Garden:
After that, I get to plant a little container garden on our patio for my birthday. We tossed out the plant containers/holders earlier this year because a lot of them had warped from being around the condo for a few years in the sun and were cracked. We aren't going to go crazy, but I want 2 flower boxes to hang on our patio to make me happy. 

Shelves and Storage Items:

We would also like to buy and pick up some more long term storage items and do some re-arranging of SCB's man-cave shop.

He hasn't been wood turning much these days with the full time job so we are thinking of tossing out the metal shelves in there that I got for free and buying so wood and building some shelves so we can move our water storage outside so it's not hiding under our printer in the living room...

(yup... its hiding under our pallet table)

We also want to pick up another 15 gallon tank, if not a slightly larger one since we could fit 2 in the outside closet no problem... and a few other items from our church cannery. I just feel like its something we should be doing now, so we are going to do it. I think it will also help us make more food from scratch.

If you look at what we actually buy and purchase each month, then you know we still need a shredder... the piles of papers that need to be shredded are driving me crazy, so we are getting a shredder so I can de-clutter... and it may turn into the great purge of 2014, but I don't care. Hubby is on board and we just want to de-junk our place and get stuff done so we can make room for:


That's how excited I am to get moving on this project. I'm at the point where part of me just doesn't care if we dip into savings to get it done but I need to face lift this sucker I call our condo home.

I've had my wood bedroom set since I was 18... Its been in every apartment I've ever lived in... and i'm ready for something that's ours... The couch and the kitchen table were the first 2 things we bought as a couple and i'm ready for our room to be our room... and better organized...

Maybe we will even upgrade and get a bigger bed? who knows, I don't but I want to get started on it like yesterday...

May Budget:
Mortgage: $771.99
Church Tithe: $580.00
Other Church offerings: $40.00
Groceries/Household Items: $300.00
Date Nights & Eating Out: $100.00
Pocket Money ($40 each): $80.00
Cell Phone Work Reimbursement: $60.00
HOA: $270.00
Utility Bills: $150.00 (Second cell, Electricity, Internet)
Gasoline: $250.00
Discretionary: $174.95
Husband's Paychecks: $1,040.08 for Condo re-design!

Christmas Savings: $50.00
Birthday/gifts Savings: $50.00
Vacation Savings: $100
Car Registration Savings: $25.00
Roth IRA: $275.00
Insurance Savings: $143.00
Prescriptions/Doctors Visits: $50.00
Roxy (Dog) Savings Account: $50.00

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