Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Diet Bet...

So last month I signed up for a diet bet on-line through the Shaytards to help kick start my 1/2 marathon training and really get going on the fitness bandwagon... and I have to say I love it.

It's honestly the best $30 bet I've ever placed on myself. There's something about the accountability of the group and all the posters that's just made it awesome. From what i'm hearing from other people who have done past Diet Bet's is that the group I joined is just so active compared to others which is what makes it so motivational in the end.

I'm just glad to kiss the 160's goodbye and you know how hard it is sometimes its just start and get over the initial hurdle.... and this was really helpful for me.

I got about 2 weeks to go and just a pound to win back my money so i'm happy so far!

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