Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Cable Maintenance

While we were out in Utah, hubs and his brother decided to work on the wiring in our house. Yes, you read that correctly. We were in Utah, a completely different state... but hubs and his brother wanted to work on the wiring in our California Condo. 

Apparently he's on a DIY kick and I can't really stop him at this point. 

We mentioned in our computer fan post that SCB's brother basically does wiring and computer and IT networking for a living so he always has parts and pieces laying around. His brother is currently living in their parents house while they are on their mission in Navoo Illinois for the church, so most of their parents things are just stacked in boxes all over the house in rooms they aren't using.

The garage is a nightmare though. You can barely squeeze a car inside. Since SCB wanted to use his dad's tools to sand down that table pallet he brought with him, he ended up re-organizing his dad's garage by the time he got the tools out and put back away. When he was finished, you could open all doors on all sides all the way and walk around the car. His brother was so thrilled, he decided to help us out with some of our cabling issues in our condo. 

We used to have the Ethernet cable wrap around the entire living room wall, go through our bedroom door and then down around the baseboard of our bedroom and then to the printer... and to the XBOX so it could be hooked up to the computer and the bedroom TV. Basically a lot of cables and cords were visible and it wasn't very pretty. 

We have been talking about moving our computer into our bedroom when we remodel with new furniture, and putting the TV and SCB's possibly birthday present out in the living room. To make it look nice, we wanted to eliminate all the cabling. 

So his brother hooked us up with this: 

I have no idea what it's really called, but it's basically the size of an outlet, but it allows you to take up to 4 cables, plug them in from the living room, and then transfer them to the bedroom without all the excess cables wrapping around the wall.

Since SCB ruined my drywall saw trying to cut down a tree branch in the park one time, he had to use a drill to make small holes in the drywall that he could then use a knife of some kind to cut the hole for the panel... but now there are less cable issues in our condo and things are working better again! I can't wait until we get the new bedroom furniture taken care of and get a chance to really change up the look of the condo again. After almost 5 years in the same place (after moving every year almost for 5 years prior), I think it will be a welcome change in scenery.  

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