Friday, January 24, 2014

Getting Organized

So back in December we bought a new fire-proof safe because the little one I bought many eons ago was now full and South County Boy REALLY wanted to get one that we could put hanging holders in. So I surprised him with one from Walmart one day.

Now these "fireproof safes" aren't really for "safety" from your average thief... Partially because you can just pick it up and carry it away... and also because you can just pick the lock with a nail file that comes on a pair of nail clippers. Yup, that's right... Just shove it in and jingle it around and the latch will move (True story).

Actually the safe was so cheap that SCB bent BOTH keys trying to open it up the other day. (He didn't fully insert the key before trying to turn it). That meant I had to take a hammer to it this morning and smack one around a bit to bend it enough so it fit into the lock because I couldn't find the small set of nail clippers to use. (yup, I went looking for the nail clippers BEFORE trying to fix the key it came with)

So we mainly got it because it was cheaper then a small file cabinet and it claims to have some fireproofing to it.... Either way, we haven't done anything with it. It's been just living in our living room on the floor... hanging out empty like a piece of random furniture.

So I finally got around to going through the pile of stuff that was in it, purging some and saving others... in ... get this:

FOLDERS... with LABELS... and TABS. It was an office geeks kind of party my friends.

And I learned that I apparently save all kinds of stuff... including my first apartment lease papers from 2007?... (ya, that got shredded... well its in a pile of other random crap that still needs to be shredded)....

Eventually we will go through the desk drawers and random kitchen cabinets and move all that stuff into the safe and hopefully in the process purge the stuff we don't need and add it to the shred pile too. (Considering I have a kitchen drawer dedicated to manuals for random appliances... it may take a while.)

So where was SCB while all this was going down? He was working... But don't you both work Monday - Friday?

Nope. Not anymore.

As apart of my promotion back in July, I was supposed to start working Tuesday - Saturday... with a split shift schedule.... meaning Tues, Wed, Thursday, I open at the crack of dawn and work 5:15am -1:15pm... and  Fridays I work 1-9pm... and Saturdays 11-7pm. (instead of M-F 5:15am - 1:15 pm... with hubs getting home around 3:30 - 4 pm)...

So a little change. The only reason I didn't start my new hours till now was one of my co-workers was expecting and planning a 3 month maternity leave to bond with her little bundle of joy, so they didn't want to make any changes until she was back... and she's back. It will take some time to get used to, but i'm looking at the silver lining despite not having Saturdays with my hubby anymore.

I'm actually going to get a bit more "me" time in the deal then before...

Like Friday mornings I now get to sleep in, make time to work out, blog, clean the house... and then do house projects (like the above)... WITHOUT SCB to distract me. Its kind of nifty for the moment. I love them man, don't get me wrong, but sometimes when I want to clean or do a project its like pulling teeth to get him on board... and in a small space, you really have to have all parties on board or someone will be complaining bloody murder by being bothered.

I'm also looking forward to getting in a fitness class or two or an opportunity to pound the pavement solo... and if you saw my last post about exercising with SCB, I'm kind of loving it (sorry hunny... kisses?).

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