Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Working out with your husband is a whole 'nother thing

So my husband and I have been attempting to work out together for the Dumbo Double Dare (a 10 k followed by a 1/2 marathon)...

So we have been trying to workout together at least when it comes to carving out some weekly mileage (I'm the only one really cross training at the moment)...

It was our second time going out for a walk. The first time we walked a 5k around the neighborhood together and it was enjoyable. We had our pup with us and it was like going on any old walk together, just a bit longer than normal... and it was nice.

The next time we went out, it was supposed to be for a walk/jog of 4 miles... before we left the house we decided we would listen to our own audio books/music since that's how I like to run... (with something to distract me). We both picked different audio books and headed out.

Unfortunately it was along this trip that I learned something valuable... very valuable...

Working out with my husband is not like working out with my friends.

There I said it.

It wasn't fun...

The first half of the 2 mile path we took was a slight gradual incline. Our plan was to walk and then jog little sections along the way to introduce the jogging concept to my husband. It was supposed to be okay... It was supposed to be fun...

I mean, it's always fun when I walk and chat with my friends... even when we jog and have separate music...

But this wasn't fun.

The first half of our 4 mile journey my husband kept mocking me.

Yup, he kept mocking my shorter legs and therefore shorter jogging stride by running circles around me... literally... I would be jogging forward and he would be jogging in a circle around me... making me dizzy... making me think I was going to plow into him because it wasn't a WIDE circle... nope it was close. It was about an arms length away from me...

When he wasn't doing that, he would animatedly start "power walking" right beside me, pointing out that he could walk while I was still jogging... up the slight incline... growing more agitated with each step.

I was a bit fuming at this point... and then he started to waive his walking reflector in my face just to say hello and smile at me... like this was the funnest thing in the world....

I found a new button I didn't know I had.

It didn't help his case that the Santa Ana winds were way crazy and blowing dust at us the whole time, further making me cranky... but lets face it. My husband is like a little kid, and apparently I have discovered that I have a "work out mode." 

A casual walk with our pup, no problem... but toss in the word "training" and apparently I like to get in the zone and focus...

He on the other hand likes to play.

At one point return stretch, a beach ball blew near us (yup, that's how bad the winds were, a beach ball literally flew out of someone's yard sailed across the street through traffic 6 lanes of traffic and then landed on the bike/hike path)... so my husband naturally decided to play with it. He would throw it up in the air and try to run and catch it... repeatedly... well until it bounced and sailed into the ditch... but he was everywhere on the path.

I couldn't take it any longer and responded by jogging the majority of the way home ... solo... I just couldn't do it... my buttons had been pressed and I was peeved. After a mile or so of straight jogging, I felt calmer after escaping the "fun" and saw hubs was in the distance so I back tracked and he jogged a little to meet up with me. We walked a bit together and that was better. As we got closer to home I told him I was going to probably jog most of the way back and just wait for him at the door.

I have no idea how i'm going to help train him for the Dumbo Double Dare... Apparently i'm all business and he's all play!


  1. You don't help him train. He's a big boy. He can do it on his own.

    1. lol...

      The problem is he has no idea what he's doing... He's never been athletic in his LIFE... but he knows I've done it before, not once but 3 times and while its flattering to know that he admires my accomplishments, it has been so much easier to train and help my gal friends... then my husband...

      Maybe that's because he knows how to make me laugh and cause he's seen me naked?? who knows... (sorry if that last comment was too much).

  2. OMG! I can't work out with my husband either! i get "in the zone" like you and powerwalk (I won't even try running with him - he's not a runner, so we walk) and he is SOOOOO slow! like sunday stroll with great, great grandma slow. (we're in our 30s). I've found that if i make him put his earbuds in and listen to sports he picks up the pace, but it's still slow. ugh, those men :)

    1. That's why "we" (read I) decided we would listen to music/audio books independently... because I know he picks up a beat and rolls with it because he's musically inclined... \

      The problem was he picked an audio book... and he's a big goof ball.

  3. Ask him if he wants your help. If so, present him with some workout plans that he can do solo. If he can't respect your training technique it is best you do it separately. I'm sure you communicated to him that what he was doing was annoying.

    1. I actually printed out the "official" dumbo dash training schedule and gave it to him... and pointed out that its designed for people already running regularly the last 6 months... After our walk and "talk" he knows its best for us to probably train independently...

      But I know he's worried that if I don't do it with him, he'll brush it off and won't train.

      What may happen is I end up double training, doing my training after work and on my day off and then just doing extra if its not going to ruin my recovery with him (just in the beginning when the miles aren't as long) ... and hopefully if its not "my workout" I won't get in the zone on him.

      Our major training won't start till April, but for now i'm doing bootcamp once a week, doing a 4 miles walk jog once a week, and a 30 minute pace maint on the treadmill at work.

  4. I am a lurker who doesn't comment, but I just wanted to say - you guys are sooo cute! :) I know you were annoyed, but it sounds so adorable. Like the other commenters mentioned, maybe give him a training plan and remind him to follow the plan.

    1. Lurkers are always welcome... and THANKS for the "adorable" comments. In hindsight as I tell my friends the story, it's just funny and we seem to laugh about it now.

      But I swear I was so frustrated in that moment, lol.

      I think I'll mention this in an upcoming post, but my work schedule has changed so SCB is planning on coming in on Fridays and Saturdays while i'm working to work out at the gym... so here's to hoping.

  5. Perhaps you can train at the same time, but independently? It seems like you guys "train" in different ways, so maybe come up with a route that runs in the loop and run it in opposite directions. You'll have the anticipation of meeting each other at some point in the loop to look forward to, but each will be able to run/walk/job the route at your own pace.

    1. Now that's a nifty idea! Right now we are just doing out and back, but if we find a good 4 mile loop, we could each start one end, say hey in the middle and them meet up back at home...

      Now that's a great idea to try! thanks!