Monday, October 21, 2013

And another one...

Yup. He broke another chair...

In case you have no idea what i'm talking about, my husband has a serious problem with chairs. He breaks them all the time.

His last victim was in August... wasn't even ours... and before that I did a post highlighting the other 5 chairs he's managed to kill in just under 2 years marriage.

It was the last of our blue chairs from Target... and it was on its way out because hubby used to "plop" sit in it to play video games.

We were at the locals farmers market and since we have been running out of folding chairs since we got hitched, we had to take the blue one with us. They plan was for me to use the chair because i'm gentle with things... and he's a bit more blunter with items...

Problem was, that blue chair was more comfortable then our last remaining camping chair that was donated to us from him parents who took pity on me and my husbands goal to slowly rid me of every last chair I own.

I told him if he sat in it, he would in fact break it.

Did he listen...


The morning started out okay. I was sitting in the nice blue chair and SCB was rocking the "pity green" chair... but the mumbling began. I tried to remind him that he had already cracked the plastic on the chair from sitting in it too hard...

But making something "off limits" was just inviting him to try and prove me wrong.

He sighed and sat in the green chair... until I went and got up to walk our pup.

I came back to this:
Yup. The second he went to sit down in the chair he put his weight on the cracked arm and sat down too hard in it... and it snapped.

He tried balancing the pieces for a while... but then he gave up... and stole Roxy's make shift bed and sat on that instead.

Somehow he managed to lie down on the blanket and take a nap at one point... because he started snoring and the dog came over and licked his face.

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